Nasty C Shares His Thoughts On The #EndSARS Protest

Nasty C Shares His Thoughts On The #EndSARS Protest

Nasty C Shares His Thoughts On The #EndSARS Protest

With so much going on in the world, it’s no surprise that even celebrities are raising their voices about issues affecting normal people on the streets. Nasty C, who rarely comments on these issues, decided to finally say something and raise awareness on his platform.

There are currently protests in Nigeria because of police brutality in the country by a special branch of their Police force after a video of a man allegedly being killed by police went viral. Anger has been brewing on social media under the hashtag #EndSARS, after the video of the alleged killing in the southern Delta state, which authorities denied was real.

Nasty C Shares His Thoughts On The #EndSARS Protest

Hundreds of youths gathered in Ikeja in central Lagos on Friday, holding banners reading “respect for human rights” and “a more equal society”. In Abuja, dozens of protesters also gathered and police forces used tear gas to disperse protesters, according to witness accounts. These protests were sparked by the arrest of the man who filmed the video, provoking even more anger.

“World is fucked up & the people that are supposed to serve & protect are often the biggest problem smh”

Nasty C has always had a love for Nigerians and their artists, having collaborated with Major Lazer, Ice Prince Patoranking and Jidenna on their hit song Particular, which received high rotation on the radio airwaves. Then he also featured Davido and Cassper Nyovest on his Juice Back Remix.

It was surprising when he almost got dragged by Nigerian Twitter because they assumed he was attacking one of their own. The rapper had to take to Twitter to clarify that he did not mean his spicy tweet for a Nigerian artist, Speed Darlington but DJ Speedsta when the two were having a Twar. His Tweeted to clarify to Nigerians that it was a misunderstanding.

“Ngl I don’t know speed darlington, def not who I was talking about. this is SA business..”

It’s heart-warming to see the rapper raising awareness on his page, unfortunately, some South Africans saw it as him neglecting issues in his own country for Social Media likes.

“One day also consider advocating about #PutSouthAfricansFirst.
Its easy to jump on international injustices hashtags, but charity begins at home – with recognising and speaking against the socio-economic injustices felt by local citizens.
We need your voice on local issues.”

“Crazy how they always go silent when it comes to their own

“Typical of SA celebs to see human rights abuse in other countries but quiet about human rights abuse here at home because you want government gigs.

We pray for peace and stability in Nigeria and we also hope to see more celebrities speaking up about issues that affect their fans.

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