Nandi Madida: The ages 18-25 yrs are so critical.

Nandi Madida: The ages 18-25 yrs are so critical.

Nandi Madida’s plan to motivate children backfired and she or he ended up being at the center of criticism for her “age limit success” comments.

The media personality triggered a Twitter debate when she shared motivational tweets about how people should have their lives sorted by the age of 30.

Nandi first started her motivational tweets by explaining how she often speaks and drops words of wisdom to children who work on her company.

The media personality explained that she’d caution them to understand that their 20s were the foremost critical stage of their lives and that they shouldn’t squander opportunities.

In a tweet that has since been widely criticized, Nandi urged the younger generation to require life seriously in order that they didn’t have regrets later in their lives.

“I always say this to children who add my company. The ages 18-25 yrs are so critical. If you waste that point being a rebel wasting ur parents money, being cool, hanging around wrong circles etc. You waste such a lot time and before you recognize it you’re 30 with nothing to point out for your life.”

The songstress explained that being a woman in her early 30s, most of the successful people she knew attained their success because they were focused.

“I say this as a 32-year-old woman … all the people I know who are successful were all very focused when they were young, still had fun but were humble enough to listen to those who had lived life a little longer. Listening to my parents’ good advice saved me from so much.”

The media personality said being “cool” didn’t pay the bills but focus and hard work did.

“If you’re 18-25 years … please don’t waste your precious life being too cool to work hard, coolness doesn’t pay bills, doesn’t help you achieve your dreams and it certainly won’t make you a legend. Be humble and stay focused.”

Nandi ended her series of tweets with words of encouragement that those who were in their 30s still had a chance to get things back in their favour by simply taking responsibility for their mistakes.

Though it seemed as if Nandi was coming from a good place, many tweeps felt she was “unrealistic” with her comments and was coming from a place of “privilege” with her comments. Others felt she was being misunderstood.

Here are some of the reactions:

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