Nandi Madida Joins Pongracz Family

Nandi Madida Joins Pongracz Family

Nandi Madida Joins Pongracz Family

Musician, actor, and entrepreneur, Nandi Madida is closing off the year with a bang as she continues to make exciting boss moves.

The singer has bagged another major deal as she collaborates with the South African Cap Classique brand Pongrácz for its latest campaign. The campaign celebrates Follow Your Daydreams – a tribute to taking time out to truly lose yourself in your most indulgent dreams.

Pongrácz brand manager, Reagan Clay says the partnership with Nandi mirrors the brand’s spirit to perfection. “Nandi is enigmatic, stylish, and dynamic. She is authentic and her modern approach to life with a strong sense of individuality speaks to the Pongrácz central core brand message of living life ‘Your Way’.”

“We are inspired by Nandi’s motto of, ‘never do what they say, always live life your way!’, the heart of Pongrácz’s personality.”

Nandi is excited about the partnership which is centered on her belief that one’s autonomy is what truly defines us – that and our intuition. “The quote inspires people to pour into their own cups and ensure they understand themselves, their passions, and their beliefs. The only way one can do such is not to let negativity or any naysayers get in the way of creating the life you wish to live and the person you wish to become.”

“Pongrácz believes in such, and that is why I love this partnership. Celebrating one’s life and doing it ‘Your Way’ is one of the most liberating gifts one can give to yourself. The South African Cap Classique Pongrácz is so dear to my heart and I find it refreshing that the brand encourages having a good time, whilst doing it your way.”

Nandi will be featured in several social media videos and advertisements during the Follow Your Day Dreams campaign.

Nandi had an eventful 2022 as she was booked and busy securing the bag. In August, she hosted the prestigious South African Music Awards (SAMA), and it was a big feat for her.

Reacting to the news she said “When I accepted my first SAMA in 2020 for my collaboration with K.O, Say U Will, I would not have imagined that I would be hosting just two years later. I am humbled to have been trusted with this honour and look forward to bringing unforgettable moments to the #SAMA28 stage alongside my co-hosts.”

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