Nandi Madida is super proud of her handsome Son Shaka

Nandi Madida is super proud of her handsome Son Shaka

Once in for a little while Nandi Madida’s fans are treated with an inside gander at her children’s lives. This week her fans had the chance of seeing her cute 3-year-old child, Shaka, in a short video posted on her Instagram page. Shaka is continually doing fun things with his family and we love the delightful way fun and dynamic he is for such a little fellow.

Shaka is holding a colander with a couple amadumbe saying: “This is from my homestead, better believe it that is my ranch” at that point Madida begins singing “Old Mac Shaka had a homestead” with Shaka finishing the expressions of the renowned nursery rhyme – “Ee I ee I o”.

In the inscription Madida expounded on how it has consistently been a fantasy of hers to give her kids their own homesteads and that she accepts that it lines up with all things ‘great and Godly’.

Nandi Madida is super proud of her handsome Son Shaka

“These are my son Shaka’s amadumbe from his farm in KZN. It has always been a dream of mine (and my ancestors) that one day when I have children, that they have their own farms and generational wealth that aligns with all things good and Godly that they can pass onto their children on so on and most importantly share with the village which my son does with the help of my incredible mother and the inspiring farm workers.️ #African #Organic #sonofthesoil #generationalwealth,” it read.

Madida got near 30 000 likes on the post with fans commending her on her child rearing abilities and Shaka’s adorableness.

@somethingin_sane stated: “Love this??? he is really honored to have guardians that are making riches for the quick as well as making sure about a strong future for him ???”.

@luyandasibeko_ stated: “You are absolutely mother objectives mummy, so uplifting ?❤️”.

@zikuwezibu stated: “Wow????welldone Nandi, Shaka n his sister are soo blessed!!!”.

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