Nail technique Ideas You Can Totally Do Yourself To Have Perfect Nail

Marble Nails: Step 1

Pick two contrasting colors — Nail technique Ideas different they are, the better this design will show up.

Apply one coat of the lighter of the two shades to all your nails, then let it dry.

Once Nail technique Ideas ‘s dry, apply a second coat that’s much thicker than the first.

Nail technique Ideas Marble Nails: Step 2

While the second coat of your lighter color remains wet, use a dotter tool to use your different polish.

Marble Nails: Step 3

Using the dotter tool, swirl your colours along.

If your nails begin trying a touch too amalgamated and you want higher distinction, you’ll be able to continually add a few a lot of drops of the lighter shade.

Let dry, then add high coat.

Marble Nails

Just like that, you have deliciously swirled nails!

Colors used: Floss Gloss Nail Lacquer in Dinge, Floss Gloss Nail Lacquer in Picnic.


Reverse French Tip: Step 1

If you have got longer nails, you may love this look.

take care your nails area unit sleek and filed equally to form the foremost of your nail’s natural rounded form.

Reverse French Tip: Step 2

Paint your nails with 2 coats of a auriferous shade, then let dry.

Reverse French Tip: Step 3

Starting a couple of quarter in. from the cuticle, paint a darker shade in an exceedingly form that mimics the curve of your nail.

Let dry, then add high coat.

Reverse French Tip

Sexy, feminine, and oh-so-versatile, this style are often created victimisation almost any 2 shades to suit the season or vacation.

Colors used: Essie nail enamel in No Place Like Chrome, Essie nail enamel in time of day Cami.

Negative Space With Colorblocking: Step 1

Apply marking tape three-quarters of the approach down every clean, dry nail.

Negative Space With Colorblocking: Step 2

Apply 2 coats of your chosen cosmetic to the portion of your nail higher than the tape. Let dry.

Negative Space With Colorblocking

Ultra-simple then stylish, experiment with this method mistreatment each stylish shades or additional classic picks.

And for a simple twist, use a different color because the base shade.

Color used: Chanel autoimmune disease Vernis in Lavanda.