Nadia Nakai under fire over her latest AKA posts

Nadia Nakai under fire over her latest AKA posts

Nadia Nakai under fire over her latest AKA posts

Mzansi social media users have been left divided over the fact that local rapper Nadia Nakai is still mourning the loss of her boyfriend AKA. The musician was murdered in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal in February this year.

Over the last three months, Nadia has shared dozens of posts about how she is dealing with the loss after dating AKA for just over a year before his untimely passing.

It appears some app users are growing tired of her posts and have slammed her for it. According to them, things were not serious between the couple and Nadia should “act accordingly”.

Nadia Nakai and AKA’s relationship took social media by storm in 2022. The pair were slammed for getting together so soon after the passing of AKA’s fiancé Anele Tembe.

Despite this, their romance continued to blossom until it ended abruptly when AKA — who was 35 years old at the time was shot point blank outside the restaurant where he had been dining with friends just minutes earlier.

It appears the posts are beginning to get to certain social media users who think that her relationship was not as serious as she is saying it was.

“Nadia acts like AKA was gonna be with her forever… One of his last songs was him literally saying 1 girl is not enough for him,” wrote one app user in a particularly insensitive post.

Her post opened a big debate about whether or not Nadia should still be mourning. Many agreed with the poster while others remarked that it is really no ones business.

“The truth❤️‍….It’s cringe now. Only Kairo can mourn forever… Girlfriend of 6 months can chill,” wrote one person while another added:

“Didn’t even pay lobola to show ba he was intending to be with her forever.”

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