Nadia Nakai to drop AKA Tribute Single ‘Never Leave’

Nadia Nakai to drop AKA Tribute Single ‘Never Leave’

Nadia Nakai to drop AKA Tribute Single ‘Never Leave’

Nadia Nakai is set to drop a tribute song to her late boyfriend, Kiernan AKA Forbes ahead of his 36th birthday. Kiernan was killed on the 10th of February 2023, in front of a restaurant in Durban. The rapper’s death shook the industry, his family, including his girlfriend Nadia.

Months after talking about the tribute, Bragga finally previewed the song and announced that the song would be available on streaming platforms on the 26th of January.

Never Leave• Tribute Single. ️ Ft @kashcpt dropping 26th JANUARY. I Miss You. Happy Heavenly Birthday (28 January 2024)” she captioned the post. The previewed song revealed some powerful lines she wrote to her late lover; some of her fans penned down the lyrics in the comment.

Check out some of the reactions below: why am I chopping onions WE we all broken. this everybody new favorite song they just don’t know it yet!“Am still here at your service. While Nadia has been candid about mourning her boyfriend, she has also been spending a lot of time in the studio. Taking to X on Thursday, Nadia said she was itching to release the music she recorded, reflecting on the journey.

“Working on the album is healing. Been recording all year, but something unlocked the past two weeks. I can’t explain, something happened,” she wrote. Nadia said her fans would be surprised with the work she created with other artists who contributed to the project.

“My tribute EP has become my tribute album and it’s beautiful. I wish I could drop it today. I really can’t wait, I didn’t think I could do this, but I did that, some of the songs came to me in a dream. Spiritual, I swear.

“Listening to the album on the way home, it’s amazing. Nothing you’ve heard from me before. This is spiritual. It really is. The people that have come to work on this project are out of this world.

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