Naakmusiq and DJ Tira smoke peace pipe

Naakmusiq and DJ Tira smoke peace pipe

Naakmusiq and DJ Tira smoke peace pipe

DJ Tira and Naakmusiq Reconcile and Return to the Studio Together

In a surprising twist, DJ Tira and Naakmusiq have reportedly resolved their differences and are back collaborating in the studio. Previously, the two artists were at odds with each other, leading to rumors of animosity between them. However, it appears that they have now made amends and are working together once again.

Their Fallout

Tira and Naakmusiq’s fallout originated from money-related issues four years ago. It was alleged that Naakmusiq confronted Tira at his residence in Ruimsig, located west of Johannesburg, demanding payment for the money collected from downloads. This incident marked the end of their longstanding friendship. Naakmusiq was signed under Tira’s Afrotainment label. “They have resolved their issues and are collaborating on new projects. They initially joined forces with Mayonie founder Zakhele ‘Zakes Bantwini’ Madida. They have completed that project featuring Zakes and are now working on their separate project,” a source revealed. They added, “Naak is thrilled to be working with Tira again, as he believes Tira is the only producer who truly understands him and his music. They have had great success in the past, and he is undoubtedly eager to deliver exceptional music.”

Working Together Again

Naakmusiq shared pictures of the two artists together in the studio, confirming their reunion. The caption read, “Studio camp day 4.” The image, depicting the musicians embracing each other, sparked various reactions from social media users, with some suggesting a deeper connection between them. However, the musicians chose to ignore these comments. According to sources close to them, Tira and Naakmusiq have resolved their differences and are now focused on creating new music that will resonate with their fans. This news comes as a relief to their supporters who were concerned that the two artists might never collaborate again. Both Tira and Naakmusiq have achieved individual success, with DJ Tira being one of South Africa’s most popular DJs, while Naakmusiq has made a name for himself as a talented actor, producer, and performer. Both parties declined to comment on their renewed friendship.

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