Mzansi women shoot their shot at a fatigued Sir Trill

Mzansi women shoot their shot at a fatigued Sir Trill

Mzansi women shoot their shot at a fatigued Sir Trill

Amapiano star Sir Trill has admitted to feeling very fatigued that he needs to take some time off to reset. It’s kind of weird that a popular artist such as Sir Trill would want to take a break during the festive season, which is the time where people get the most bookings.

Taking to social media, Sir Trill announced that he will be taking a break from attending gigs and apologised to the ones he was already booked for. Trill said he has been working non-stop for the entire year and needed to take some time off to rest, “I would like to apologise to the upcoming events and shows. I have been suffering from fatigue and it has gotten worse. We have been working all year non-stop. We forgot I need at least a little bit of rest. I love you all see you soon.”

His announcement received mixed reactions from his fans with some saying he cannot miss the biggest events. But he got applauded by a lot of them who are impressed with the fact that he wants to take care of his mental health.

“Have your rest, bro. You remained humbled in a very challenging industry where people get depressed, criticised, hated, cancelled, accused, overworked, abused etc. You deserve to recharge and serve us the best,” said a fan.

Mzansi women shoot their shot at a fatigued Sir Trill

“Take your time Trill. Protecting your energy & spirit is more important than shows,” said Riky Rick.

“People end up taking dangerous substances because they chase money over their health. Let the man rest for the sake of his health.”

But women have been shooting their shot at the Amapiano star, offering to nurse him and massage him to make him feel better. Shoot your shot ladies.

Sir Trill has been put on blast by famous radio DJ for not pitching up for a radio interview with him. “My heart just sank, Sir Trill says my show is too early. I was really looking forward to hosting him,” he shared on Twitter.

Trolls came at him saying he fumbled his bag dismally, “He just fumbled an opportunity on being on one of the biggest radio stations in SA. An opportunity many would appreciate just because the show starts too early ?! Hayini”

“Professionalism will take these young artists far. They need to invest in having a team that will manage, guide them to build their Brand. He just lost an opportunity on a top-rated show & segment that’s hosted by a legendary OG on a big Radio platform, Kaya FM.”

Sir Trill has always been silent whenever trolls come at him and create false stories. He defended himself by saying, “I realised I’m always being bullied because of my quietness. A lot of false things are said about me and I always keep quiet,” he tweeted.

Coming to his defense was Prince Kaybee who said T-Bose was killing young artists with what he did, “This is how you kill an upcoming artist career, instill fear in them just because they can’t make the interview. This wasn’t gonna make it to social media if it was an artist radio respects”

“I am standing up for Sir Trill, as a senior in the media space Tboze was supposed to call Sir Trill and educate him about the importance of commitment, not “OUT” Sir Trill on Social Media. Its important for seniors to advise not push a narrative to isolate upcoming artists.”

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