Mzansi Split Over Zoleka Mandela’s 6th Pregnancy Announcement

Mzansi Split Over Zoleka Mandela’s 6th Pregnancy Announcement

Mzansi Split Over Zoleka Mandela’s 6th Pregnancy Announcement

The late Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter Zoleka Mandela recently revealed that she was expecting her sixth child with her partner Andile Cana, and while many on social media are excited for her, there are also just as many who are tired of the pregnancy announcements from her.

The celebrated author made the announcement by posting pictures on social media, and the internet was immediately broken. First, she is radiant! As we have seen before, pregnancy really agrees with her, and she is glowing.

Many of her fans and celebrity friends, including Ayanda Ncwane and Phindile Gwala hopped into her comments to tell her as much and to congratulate her on her upcoming bundle of joy. Fans even pointed out that she carries so well that they were tempted to join her in pregnancy!

Unfortunately, while many were showering her with their congratulations and praises in her comments, tweeps were trolling her on the other side. As one fan asked in her comments, isn’t labour painful? Because apparently she makes it look so easy because of how frequently she does it.

“I love Zoleka so much but 6!…” one tweep wrote, and from the comments that took over social media, it seems this is a common sentiment. Some have even taken it upon themselves to calculate for her how much money she will be spending on school fees for her children which, though a little funny, was mean spirited and uncalled for.

As if that was not enough, she has since lost two children, a boy and a girl. She also lost her mother, whom she still talks about affectionately. She also battled breast cancer and won, which above all, makes her a hero and a survivor. She has turned her negative experiences into beautiful gifts to share with the world, as she is an advocate for road safety after she lost her daughter in a road accident.

Few people have been through as much as she has been, and it is unfortunate that her win is being turned into something negative. Even if she hadn’t been through as much as she has, it is her womb and she gets to do with it what she pleases, as one tweeps so aptly pointed out that they should let her do what makes her happy.

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