Mzansi Reacts To Old Video Of Khanyi Mbau Speaking About Blessers

Mzansi Reacts To Old Video Of Khanyi Mbau Speaking About Blessers

Mzansi Reacts To Old Video Of Khanyi Mbau Speaking About Blessers

An old video of media personality Khanyi Mbau saying she won’t date a broke man has resurfaced on social media. Khanyi has always been a fan of the finer things in life and she does not mind speaking her mind. The actress has had public relationships with a few wealthy guys, and she is open about the fact that she won’t date a poor man.

Khanyi Mbau former millionaire Mandla Mthembu, was the talk of the town back in the day, when “blessers” were known as sugar daddies. The couple had matching Lamborghinis, designer clothes and would travel together.

Just recently, she was in a relationship with Zimnbanbwean millionaire Kudzai. The pair was constantly on vacation, living it up in Dubai, however, they have called it quits. An old video of Khanyi has resurfaced where she is talking about living soft life and dating a rich man.

She clarified that she will never date or even give a chance to a man who is not wealthy. She uttered: “We have choices in life and I’m not going to feel sorry for someone not having bread. And that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have a croissant in public. If they can’t put bread on their tables, too bad but I’m going to have my croissant and my blue cheese in full public view.”

Kudzai recently opened up about his breakup with Khanyi. The Zimbabwean businessman said he was depressed and battling suicidal thoughts during his relationship with the Young Famous and African star.

Taking to Instagram, gossip account Maphephandaba shared a lengthy letter from the 30-year-old millionaire in which he discussed being in a relationship with a control.

Despite Kudzai not mentioning the “controlling partner,” he gave social media users a hint that it might be Khanyi Mbau.

“For 1.7 years I had a fixed daily routine. Work 18 hours a day, sleep and repeat, and maybe go to the barber. I had very minimal contact and communication with the outside world and my mental health started falling apart,” Kudzai shared.

The globetrotter claims their relationship drove him into depression, to the point where he wanted to commit suicide and leave his wealth to his family and girlfriend.

“Each time I tried to step out, it disrupted peace In my relationship, so I chose to stay home, only went out when she was home with me and that was maybe after 4 months for a few weeks. I started losing my ability to communicate well with others socially.

“I started dying a slow painful death inside me and each time I shared how I felt, the response was always ‘your feelings are valid’ and dismissed.

Kudzai said that he was so depressed that living was no longer worth it and he gave his partner all he had, but it wasn’t enough.

“I started feeling unloved, unworthy, and not cared for a very long time. The only thing I had was Dubai views. I was very depressed. I was dying inside, it was a slow painful death, and I wanted it to end faster.

“I was falling apart. I was isolated from everyone. I gave up everyone including my close friends and family all for love. I gave it my all but I was sinking in depression,” he wrote.

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