Mzansi proud over Pearl Thusi’s international gig

Mzansi proud over Pearl Thusi’s international gig

Mzansi is in celebratory mode over news that actress Pearl Thusi has clinched a spot on the star-studded cast of US film Bulletproof 2, which stars Faizon Love and Tony Todd.

2020 has been a hard year to secure the bag for most artists but it seems Pearl has the secret ingredient and Mzansi can’t help but stan.

The film, which is a sequel to the original Bulletproof released 24 years ago, is written by Rick Wilkes and directed by Don Michael Paul. In it, special agent Jack Carter is assigned to take down a powerful South African crime family.

The film is currently already available on Netflix US…

Pearl may be scarce on social media but Twitter is convinced that she’s been using her time making trips to the bank as more and more news of her securing the bag pop up.

Just last month, Mzansi celebrated the fact that Queen Sono, which she plays the lead in was renewed for a second season.

Kalushi, a film that Pearl stars in alongside Thabo Rametsi, also found its way to Netflix just in time for Freedom Day celebrations.

Mzansi proud over Pearl Thusi’s international gig

Thabo also took to his Instagram recently to give flowers to Pearl.

“This young woman is a better human being the most of the people I have ever met or known. She’s better than most of the people who don’t like her. She’s stronger than most, works harder than most, kinder than most. You don’t know her. She doesn’t need you to. I just want to say I won’t entertainment any bullshit about her in my presence. If you have nothing positive to say about her don’t talk to me about her. I’ll check you if you don’t come correct. And all you bullshit artists who question her ability haven’t accomplished even 10 percent of she has for someone who “lacks talent”,” he said.

The praise for her major moves filled the TL on Monday night.

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