Mzansi Celebs Who Have Felt Ntsiki Mazwai’s Burn

Mzansi Celebs Who Have Felt Ntsiki Mazwai’s Burn

Mzansi Celebs Who Have Felt Ntsiki Mazwai’s Burn

If there is one celeb who doesn’t mind being in the limelight or ruffling people’s feathers, it is Ntsiki Mazwai. With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, she has seen it all and done it all. She has been around to see careers flourish and some crash and burn while still remaining relevant and especially controversial.

The poet, songwriter and musician most famous for her outspoken thoughts that are regularly shared on Twitter as well as her podcast, where she hosts her regular talk shows. Ntsiki Mazwai is always mixed up in some controversy because she always has an opinion about everything happening in current news or mainstream media, which many people do not accept. She has her ways of telling the truth without holding anything back.

These 5 ZAlebs are just some of the many who have been at the receiving end of her insults.


Like everyone else, poor Proverb didn’t see this one coming, when Ntsiki Mzwai not only said Proverb is no better than the late ProKid when it comes to rapping. Ntsiki took it an extra mile and threw insults at Proverb saying he does not stand for anything.

“Proverb has NOTHING on pro. Rapping in English always excites shallow minds. You’re clearly not that deep babe. Proverb doesn’t even stand for anything,”

Connie Ferguson

Poor Connie, or should we say rich Connie also took some unsuspecting shots from Ntsiki Mazwai, after Ntsiki made it clear that the entertainment industry mogul has zero talent. Tweeps were engaged in talks about Mzansi’s talented on-screen couples and mentioned Rapulana Seiphemo and Connie Ferguson, to which Ntsiki made sure her comments weren clear.

“Coming back to my Twitter, I don’t think Connie Ferguson is a phenomenal actress. I think she is a pretty girl who is likeable and it’s fine. I don’t take anything away from her but I don’t think she’s an amazing actress,”


It is no big secret that Ntsiki Mazwai doesn’t like Queen B as well, she has made spicy remarks about her on many occasions and isn’t shy to do it when Tweeps are busy celebrating Bonangs many successes. The poet and musician took direct jabs at Bonang and questioned her ‘mogul’ status after the launch of the newest offering from her House of BNG range, the BNG Nectar.

“”It baffles me how you can be a business mogul but your contribution is posting pics in sunglasses and outfits…. But you never post entrepreneurial posts that a person in your position would. If the journey was real.”


These two have a long and spicy history, both of them equally veterans in the entertainment industry, they have never really gotten along, which might be more of Ntsiki’s fault than it is SomGaGa’s. Ntsiki was up very early in the morning to drag a probably sleeping and very rich Somizi for reasons only known to her.

“”Lol it’s cute if u think people like Somizi will make history…. Maybe the old Somizi who had a craft. But the new Somizi is just gonna be rich in this lifetime but won’t make history. Money and wealth doesn’t make history unless you CREATED something.”

We could compile a book of all the people that have felt Ntsiki’s controversial remarks but we would probably run out of space. Ntsiki needs to rest! Rest!

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