Mzansi Celebs That Prince Kaybee Has Beef With

Mzansi Celebs That Prince Kaybee Has Beef With

Mzansi Celebs That Prince Kaybee Has Beef With

When it comes to celebrity Twars, there is no denying that one celeb is always the common denominator. Prince Kaybee is never one to shy away from starting or finishing a Twar, he is notorious for speaking his mind and dragging anyone on Twitter.

Some say he is truly a Princess, while some feel that he doesn’t take nonsense from anyone, below we take a look at some of these Twars.

Black Coffe

Although Prince Kaybee was out of his depth to even challenge Black Coffee, this wasn’t the first time and knowing him, it isn’t the last. Black Coffee delivered a brutal knock-out to silence the young Prince after he suggested that he was “bigger” than Black Coffee, which didn’t sit very well with Tweeps.

Black Coffee must have picked up on the disrespect and he decided to avoid arguing with the Twar Princess and simply post facts because numbers never lie.


After a Tweep questioned Prince Kaybee whether everything was alright between him and Busiswa, someone he has worked with before on their hit song Bano moya. Prince Kaybee responded by saying he wasn’t sure, especially after he saw her sub-Tweets about him when he was caught up in a Twar with Naak Musiq. Busiswa didn’t mince her words when she Tweeted…

“Why does princess INSIST on being an asshole, damn.”

“Is it THAT nice to trend? Yhu ha.ah.”

Do YOU @NaakMusiQ. We like it. More muscle pics. More Car pics. More music. More great acting. Siyithanda yonke le kak yakho”

Naak Musiq

Before his apparent beef with Busiswa, Prince Kaybee was involved in an exchange of words with Naak Musiq, after he provoked the Afro Entertainment artist by referring to him as Kak Musiq in a sub-Tweet. However, things took a turn for the worst when Tweeps dragged Prince Kaybee and called “Princess Kaybee.” because he always uses his wealth and achievements as a way to win an argument, even his fans were tired of him always being the aggressor.

DJ Maphorisa

The one ZAleb that Prince Kaybee has a long-standing beef with is none other than Mdumane, their beef has attracted the attention of DJ Zinhle, who tried to bring peace between the two. Even Mmusi Maimane tried to intervene and bring the young Kings to their sense but till this day they haven’t succeeded. Just recently, Maphorisa silenced Prince Kaybee by asking him about ownership of his masters and poor Prince Kaybee has still not come back from the shade.

Will Prince Kaybee ever find peace or is it just his character to fight with the whole industry?

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