‘My job is to guard the ANC’: Fikile Mbalula as he is elected secretary-general

‘My job is to guard the ANC’: Fikile Mbalula as he is elected secretary-general

‘My job is to guard the ANC’: Fikile Mbalula as he is elected secretary-general

Newly-elected ANC secretary-general (SG) Fikile Mbalula has vowed to deal with any dissent that arises in the party going forward.

“I said in some of my political lectures that the SG nguMatshingilani (is a security guard). I am Matshingilani (security guard). That’s my work. There’s nothing about the ANC that can happen without me… If a member of the ANC is promoting anarchy and doing their fighting somewhere, I must be responsive to that but I work through structures and those structures must be effective and must do their job. Anyone who is sleeping on the job is going to have a problem with me.”

His tough talk comes as the ANC is at pains to get its house in order under the leadership of the party’s re-elected President, Cyril Ramaphosa ahead of the 2024 general elections.

In his first five-year term, Ramaphosa faced vast criticism for his failure to unite the ANC and cement his renewal campaign with analysts stating that the ANC is already skating on very thin ice politically.

Meanwhile, asked if he has enough skills to direct the ANC towards a new trajectory, Mbalula quickly pointed out that his experience gained in the liberation movement over the years speaks for itself.

“I’m trained in party construction. I’m good in organizing, organization development, and building the organization. I understand that even at night when I’m not asleep.”

He continued: “I’m trained in the ANC Youth League for this work. I have been SG (youth league) for over a decade. I know how organizations like the ANC are run having been prepared from the ANC Youth League in that position.

Mbalula further pointed out: “In my role as Secretary-General, I’m not an administrator. I’m the political leader of the ANC… I’m expected to lead the ANC from a point of view of building a strong organisation. I understand my tasks as per the (ANC’s) Constitution and how to enforce them… and (how to) build the brand of the ANC and guard it.”

Centre must hold

Mbalula also used his platform while addressing the media for the first time as secretary-general hours after his election at the 55th elective conference at Nasrec to point out that it was his responsibility to ensure party members unite.

“The ANC must be alive…. the centre must hold. I must be told why something has happened elsewhere and is not being attended to.”

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