‘My Body Works For Me’ star Wandi Ndlovu on salary and more

‘My Body Works For Me’ star Wandi Ndlovu on salary and more

‘My Body Works For Me’ star Wandi Ndlovu on salary and more

My Body Works For Me reality TV star Wandi Ndlovu appeared on controversial entertainment blogger Musa Khawula’s YouTube channel recently and got candid about some of the things that have left her troubled after starring on the Showmax show. She also decided to reveal how much she was paid which had netizens pitying her.

According to their website, My Body Works For Me reality TV show follows the lives of seven women who work in the entertainment industry. They let “us in on their family dynamics, relationships, hustlers, and careers.

Cast member, Wandi Ndlovu has opened up about her experiences from working on the show.

“Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was not. I feel like people who work in the sex industry are downgraded, even the producers wouldn’t give us the respect that we wanted. They just don’t care. They just want the content,” she said.

“When I went to This Body Works For Me, I went there for money. I didn’t go there for fame. I don’t care about fame. Because nobody is going to give me the money that I got there which is R50 000 for season one. So to me, it was a lot of money. And they told me they just wanted to capture how I lived my life,” she shared.

The reality TV star explains that she initially thought 50k was a lot of money as she would just be getting paid to live her normal day-to-day life. Ndlovu shared that she has a busy life with her mother, her boyfriend, sugar daddies, hook-up guys, and only fans in the picture so she believed she had enough content for the show. However, the show’s producers wanted more from her.

Ndlovu shares that the producers pushed her to go see her father whom she’d never met before.

“Even telling me to go to prison and see my dad. Imagine. You see how much that hurts my mother. I don’t know my dad. I have never gone to prison to see my dad. Why now on the show? I didn’t know how to say no to production,” she said.

The 22-year-old sex worker then opened up about how she disappointed and hurt her mother by going to see her father in prison since.

“I didn’t know showing my mom would cause her too much trauma. We even went to a therapist which the show didn’t offer us. They didn’t even care. They just wanted content. The show put my mother through a lot,” the reality TV star explained.

“This is wrong 50 k for an entire season??” @collective_?

“People tend to forget Wandi is a child despite everything,” @Kholofelo Kgotose commented.

“Name dropping the price” hay Primadonna?,” @Trigger wrote.

“Wandi must just get a YouTube channel, we’ll all subscribe and watch her content. She’s a real one,” @sicebisilememela said.

“Now I understand why Samke had to leave the show,” @Nobuhle replied.

“I really love wandi but the girls have to understand that it’s TV and showmax people are out for profit,” @Muzi Ndlovi121 wrote.

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