Muvhango’s Maumela pauses her music career to preach & go back to school

Muvhango’s Maumela pauses her music career to preach & go back to school

Muvhango actress Maumela Mahuwa has done an amazing job of etching her name in the hearts of Mzansi small screen viewers as Susan, but along with acting she’s a singer and now a preacher.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Maumela explained that even though she loved music, her music career journey hadn’t gone off in the way she anticipated.

“I’m very much still in music. Even the journey has been different from what I said it would be. I don’t how to explain it but I am a product of music and I have lived my life through music, I have consoled my heart through music and I speak through music as well.”

Even though it didn’t take off as expected, Maumela isn’t giving up on music; she’s just taking a break because she has a lot of projects now.

“All in all, I am still a musician and I am going to release more songs. It is just that with the other businesses that I have been into so far, it has taken away my attention completely from music,” she said.

The actress opened up about the film school she cofounded, her interest and desire to study scriptwriting, and how she’s given much more of her time to spreading the gospel of God, as a preacher.

“At this particular time, there’s a school that I’ve just opened with my partners. It’s called AACA; it’s a film school. We specialise with all things film including acting. I honestly didn’t think I had such a dream, but it happened. It’s a project that takes a lot of you and especially time.

“So, I’ve been busy with that … I’m also interested in going back to school to study scriptwriting. I am a storyteller and I want to go learn how to best write these stories I have in my head; I am very interested in that. These days I also paint and do beading mostly for fun, but I love them.”

“I also have a ministry, I am a preacher. I preach in different types of churches when I get invited to do so because I don’t have a church of my own. I don’t know if I should say ‘thank God I don’t have a church’, but in my opinion that deserves a ‘thank God’. This, because that takes a lot out of a person. But I’m preaching across SA and internationally as well,” she concluded.

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