Muvhango: Tebogo Catches Mulalo In Bed With Another Woman

Muvhango: Tebogo Catches Mulalo In Bed With Another Woman

Muvhango: Tebogo Catches Mulalo In Bed With Another Woman

Things have heated up on Muvhango in a way that no one thought was even possible.

Mulalo has been having an affair with Shumi (once again) and Tebogo found out. How? You ask. Well, you see when they see don’t go around looking for trouble, they knew what they were talking about.

Tebogo followed Mulalo as he left for his meeting with “Amos” and guess where she went? To the rendezvous spot that Mulalo and Shumi meet in. She saw Shumi’s clothes, she heard Mulalo talk about her emphasising that with Shumi he does not have to sleep with one eye open.

To make matters worse, Tebogo set there in that closet for what appears to be eternity watching her husband make love to another woman. He enjoyed it because Shumi made sure he knows what he just did to her.

As If things weren’t already heated in that room, the love birds go to get sandwiches to get back the energy they just used up.

When Mulalo gets home the next morning (imagine the audacity) he acts like he did not just try to get brownie points by talking smack about his wife. Tebogo asks him where he was last night he tries so hard to think of a lie that it is almost believable when he unconvincingly says that he was with Amos. Tebogo then says that she made him his favourite meal last night, such a pity he did not come home. That is when this falls right into the trap and says that they got sandwiches with Amos.

Guys let’s not forget that this woman has killed before. Has Mulalo forgotten that? I mean why would you even go to such lengths to tell your side that you sleep with one eye open and then go to do the very same thing that would make you not even close one eye at night? If that is that is not stupidity, we don’t know what is. If he knows what’s good for him and if he wants to have a good night’s sleep, he better continue with his lies and say he is going to a business and go sleep at Shumi’s like he has been. That’s better than waking up and realising that you may die anytime.

If that is not enough drama, Tenda has had it with Mpho’s ancestry things so much so that when he finds Mpho having a consultation in their hotel room, he asks her to choose between him and the ancestors. What kind of choice is that though? A better compromise would be that Mpho must find a place to have these consultations and not carry out the ancestor’s duties in a space they call their home.

Well, Tenda steps out in anger and stumbles into Marang’s shoulders. The same Marang that had a miscarriage and is fooling James into thinking she is still carrying the baby. Marang wants Tenda to help her get pregnant so that her pregnancy can be real. Things almost work in her favour when they kiss but Tenda soon realises that this is not right. He loves Mpho and he does not want to compromise what they have. Marang is left having a screaming match by herself spitting that she needs Tenda’s babies inside of her. Talk about desperation on steroids.

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