Muvhango actor Humbulani Tsharani shares why he sells male enhancement powders

Muvhango actor Humbulani Tsharani shares why he sells male enhancement powders

Muvhango actor Humbulani Tsharani shares why he sells male enhancement powders

Talented actor Humbulani Tsharani, who plays Mulimisi in SABC 2 soapie Muvhango says he’s selling male enhancement powders aka mpesu. Speaking to Sunday World this week, the popular actor Humbulani Tsharani who plays the role of a traditional healer Mulumisi in Muvhango added that he hasn’t given up acting, although selling mpesu (male enhancement powders) has been lucrative.

“I’ve been dealing for several years now selling mpesu. The idea came from a friend who decided they would supply me because he thought people would be interested [to buy]. After all, it’s me, a personality if you will, selling the product,” he said.

Tsharani adds he began selling in 2020 and made a fortune selling the potion and the experience was a real shot in the arm for him. I made money alright but it’s the number of lives that were saved for me. Revmad brought relief to people battling Covid-19. We kept on getting feedback that people were getting healed, which was reassuring. I’ve been dealing in mpesu for a couple of years now,” he said.

Tsharani adds that he’s not broke and he’s not dealing in mpesu because he’s broke and doesn’t want to give illusions he’s ever had financial difficulties.

He’s got a wife Portia [Tshishonga] and admits his customers are always in disbelief as they can’t separate the actor and character. People are always shocked when they realise it’s me who’s selling mpesu. I’ve realised that fans and people who follow us (TV actors) cannot reconcile the fact that actors can sell and pursue other side hustles,” he said. Tsharani says he chose to deal in mpesu because of its gentle properties, and it hasn’t been shown to have side effects commonly associated with other ED (Erectile Dysfunction) medications.

Dr Kakeya Chinonge, a specialist physician, tells the publication that there are no validated studies on most herbal medication, including mpesu. He remarked that people should exercise caution.

Chinonge’s account was corroborated by Dr Candice Radzhadzhi. “Like most herbal medication, mpesu hasn’t been proven using validated studies. There’s not enough evidence for or against its use. The actor Humbulani Tsharani also tells Sunday World that selling mpesu hasn’t affected his shooting schedule at Muvhango.

According to SavannaNews, Tsharani hails from Tshino, Venda in Limpopo South Africa, and currently resides in Johannesburg.

He auditioned in 2012, was given the role of Lufuno’s crazy boyfriend, and switched to the current role of Mulumisi in 2013. Tsharani is not a real healer but his grandfather was a great sangoma; he was never led into that kind of life by his father.

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