Musician Ann Jangle cycles from South Africa to Kenya in an effort to raise awareness for endangered wildlife

Musician Ann Jangle cycles from South Africa to Kenya in an effort to raise awareness for endangered wildlife

Musician Ann Jangle cycles from South Africa to Kenya in an effort to raise awareness for endangered wildlife

Folk musician and composer, Ann Jangle, cycled from South Africa, through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, to Kenya, in an effort to raise awareness for endangered wildlife while, at the same time, uplifting communities through music.

The trip, which was named after her solo album, “African Dream Parade,” which she released just before embarking on this incredible journey, saw the singer cycle over 5000 km across the African continent.

On being a woman who was cycling alone, the folk muso said she was totally unprepared for the expedition as she had zero cycling experience prior to the trip but had the time of her life.

While on her trip, the muso made several stops to hold talks at schools on sustainability, the environment, endangered wildlife while also performing for the local communities.

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Reach out to the youth 👊🏿 We found another school to reach out to with music & an educational talk 🇿🇲🎵 I cover 3 topics when I talk to the kids: 1- The devistating effects of plastic. 2- Conservation, how it directly effects our relationship with self. 3- RESPECTING WOMEN. Depending on the area & what topics needs more attention. P.S. In Zambia there is a higher level of respect for women ♀️ so I focus more on animals & plastic use topics. Little by little the kids are catching on. YESSSSSSSS 🔥 #africandreamparade #annjangle #raisingawareness #wildwomen #solocycling #cyclingafrica #solofemaletraveller #bicycle @girlpowertravel @FEMALE.TRAVEL @femaletravelbloggers #womenwhotravel #womenrising #africa #femalesolotraveller #womenwhocycle #bikepacking #womenwhotravel #africa #raisingawareness #preachit #educateyourself #educatetheyouth #educate #community #noplastic #nocarbonfootprint #lovenature #musicunitespeople #zambia @bbc_travel @bbc @bbcearth @menseselense @discoverzambia #youth #love

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In a chat with Jangle, the folk singer says it was her passion for experimenting that led her to embark on this adventure that lasted seven months.

Jangle was invited to perform at the Kilifi New Year’s festival in Kenya last December when she decided to pack up her essentials and go on a solo trip.

“I (had) initially planned on driving there with my dogs. I got all their paperwork in order, sold pretty much everything I owned and bought the oldest Toyota I could find.

“The 1996 Rav 4, (I) put a new engine in and did a lot of other things to it. I wanted to prove a point, that anything is possible,” offered Jangle.

She continued:” I read up a lot about solo female travellers, like the lady who drove a tractor from Holland to Cape Town, the old lady who drove a Toyota Tazz to Egypt.

“I considered driving a beach bakkie up to Kenya at one point and then started doing research about a bike with a side cart for my dogs.”

Jangle says while gearing up for her trip she met Blanca Fernandez aka Blanca on a Bike, who is one of the female solo cyclists and she inspired her to abandon the idea of driving to Kenya.
“It just didn’t feel right burning so much fuel on my mission to help save the planet,” Jangle explained.

She added: “She (Blanca on a Bike) cycled alone at the age of 60, from London to China, flew to Cairo, Egypt, cycled Egypt to Cape Town via the East Coast of Africa, then back to London via the West Coast of Africa.”

“We had a beer together and she showed me her ridiculous shoe tan, her bicycle, the things she carried like her, tools and cooking utensils and, right then and there, I knew in my heart that I would be cycling to Kenya, instead.

“This was the crazy mission I was craving. I needed to break away from the so-called ‘music industry’ and (to) also start focusing on other things I am truly passionate about: animals and inspiring people, especially women, to break free and follow their dreams.”

When asked if she’s ever done something like this before, she said: “Aside from walking over into Mozambique from Kosi Bay, losing a toenail and hiking most of the Transkei coastline, Nope.”

Directed by award-winning film winning filmmaker Marius van Graan, Jangle will be released documentary about the entire which she refers to as “raw and wild.”

See the full documentary below.

She is also working on her second solo album, which is set to release in 2021. “I wanted to collaborate with the musicians across Africa that I met during my cycle trip. “This journey bred a new fire inside my soul. One that is rooted firmly in traditional instruments and hauntingly beautiful, ancient rhythms.”

Follow Ann Jangle on Instagram: @ann_jangle and Facebook @AnnJangle. Ann Jangle’s “African Dream Parade” is currently available on YouTube.

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