Mshoza knew she was about to die, family reveals

Mshoza knew she was about to die, family reveals

Mshoza knew she was about to die, family reveals

As if Mshoza knew her death was coming, she, more than once told, her friend what to do after she had died.

Speaking during the memorial service for the late Queen of Kwaito star, Nomasonto “Mshoza” Nomasonto Maswanganyi held at Bassline in Newtown, Joburg, Mshoza’s friend, Mathawe Matsapola said Mshoza once woke her up with a call in the middle of the night.

“She told me she was sick and that if she dies I must look after her children,” she said.

She said when she asked her about it the following day, Mshoza brushed it off.

“Mshoza told me to speak at her funeral,” said Mathawe.

When Matsapola leant of the death of her long time friend, she was shocked.

She said Mshoza lived her life, regardless of what people.

“We tend to focus on other people and what they say about us forgetting to live our own lives, but Mshoza never forgot to live.”

She said Mshoza never pretended.

“She was humble and she was real.”

The Mnisis, Mshoza’s ex-husband’s family, told Daily Sun Mshoza was the makoti they had always dreamt of.

“She fitted in well. She was respectful and she loved us,” said her sister-in-law Nonhlanhla Mnisi.

Violet Mnisi said their relationship was never broken even when her son, businessman Jacob Mnisi and Mshoza broke up.

“We always called each other and talked for hours. She was my daughter,” she said.

Many people who attended the service said Mshoza never forgot to live.

Her fellow industry mates and friends remembered how she loved the people around her.

Khanyi Mbau and Kelly Khumalo were among the people who attended the service. 3-Sum member Amstel and actors Israel Gp-MaOrange Makoe and Themba Nofemele were also there.

Kwaito musicians, Mapaputsi, Mzambiya, and music executives, Oscar Mlangeni and Mzura Khuse, Bonsai Shongwe all spoke about helping Mshozi.

Mzura who made her hit, Hlaba Lingene famous said he taught Mshoza to be a businesswoman, not just an artist.

“At that time, she had gone through turbulence in her career. It was my job to resuscitate her career. We recorded her album, but no radio station wanted to play her songs. They said Mshoza was down and out. So, I got colleagues to go to public phones and call radio stations to ask for Hlaba Lingene. And just like that, we had a hit.”

The legendary musician died in a Joburg hospital last week Thursday after complications with diabetes.

She will be laid to rest on Saturday at West Park cemetery.

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