Moshe Ndiki opens up on becoming a father to twin boys, finding new love and living for God

Moshe Ndiki opens up on becoming a father to twin boys, finding new love and living for God

Moshe Ndiki opens up on becoming a father to twin boys, finding new love and living for God

Moshe Ndiki is celebrated for his fun-loving and larger-than-life character. Through his work in the television industry, has demonstrated his versatility and adeptness at effortlessly transitioning between playful and serious roles.

Over the years, Ndiki has allowed South Africans to witness his personal journey unfold. Starting as a YouTuber, he has now established a successful career as a television presenter, actor, and content creator. With eight years of experience in the industry, he is now preparing to introduce his reality TV series, “Life with Moshe,” to the public on January 28th on Mzanzi Magic.

Ndiki currently is in a state of ease. an announcement he made in March last year, and living life with the love of his life by his side, a love he said he always knew existed.

The foundation of Ndiki’s contentment lies in his relationship with God, which occupies a central place in his life, particularly when it comes to family and love. As an openly gay man, he has always been open about his life, and now he is prepared to share his surrogacy journey with the public.

Ndiki explains that three years ago, he made the decision to document his life, partly because he didn’t want to repeatedly answer questions from people. He wanted his show to address all inquiries at once and shed light on the process of surrogacy, especially from the perspective of a black gay man opting for single parenthood.

“There were a bunch of people who wanted to know how surrogacy works, especially as a black gay man, that’s doing this as a single parent. It’s one of those things that people are going to be drawn to and asking about. So, instead of having those 11 conversations, let’s make it one.

“If I had it my way, the show would be called Love With Moshe because I have a lot of love and respect for my family, my friends, my partner, and the people who were involved in the surrogacy process. So it involves a whole lot of love. A whole lot of understanding from family members who didn’t know what surrogacy is,” he said, speaking about why he decided to shoot the show.

“I’ve always wanted to be a dad; whether I did it by myself or with a partner, it didn’t matter to me. As a result, even with one of the names that I gave my kids, I came up with that name when I was in Grade 10. I would dream about them and the type of upbringing I wanted to give them. I would plan the type of advice that I would give them and the type of discipline I would instil in them.”

He originally envisioned the show being called “Love with Moshe” because it reflects his deep affection and respect for his family, friends, partner, and everyone involved in the surrogacy process. The show encompasses a lot of love and requires understanding from family members who may not be familiar with the concept of surrogacy.

Ndiki had thoroughly researched surrogacy before embarking on the journey. He familiarized himself with the laws governing surrogacy in South Africa and carefully selected a fertility clinic for the process. He was aware of potential risks and challenges, such as scams or complications during the pregnancy, and he wanted to understand his rights and those of his surrogate.

Despite receiving praise for his natural on-camera presence, Ndiki remains his own harshest critic. He sees his time in the spotlight and the media industry as an ongoing work in progress, noting that he has much more to accomplish. He refrains from celebrating milestones and prefers to focus on what lies ahead.

Ndiki aspires to host a late-night show like Jimmy Fallon and also desires to be involved in production as an executive producer. With “Life with Moshe,” he has taken on the role of executive producer, as the show is produced by his own company, Moshe Ndiki Pictures.

His faith in God and leading a prayerful life have helped him cultivate patience and relieve the pressure of the industry. After hearing a sermon about embracing the different seasons of life, he realized that not every season would be his own. His relationship with God has provided him and his family with sustenance and support throughout his career.

Love is one of the pillars that ignites Ndiki’s soul, but he has faced challenges in the past. He recently finalized his divorce from his ex-husband, Phelo Bala, which was documented on the Bala Family reality show. However, Ndiki has found new love and happiness in his current relationship with his partner, known as Mzie. This relationship has taught him that his desires for love were never unreasonable or excessive. It has boosted his confidence and shown him that he deserves a partner who loves him fully and supports his dreams.

Ndiki values the maturity and effort invested in his current relationship, even if it were to end. It has been a transformative experience that has healed past wounds and reassured him that he is deserving of love, a family, and all the blessings life has to offer.

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