Moshe Ndiki allegedly fired from Gomora and Here’s why

Moshe Ndiki allegedly fired from Gomora and Here’s why

Moshe Ndiki allegedly fired from Gomora and Here’s why

South African TV actor and media personality Moshe Ndiki, has reportedly been given the boot from Mzansi Magic’s top soapie Gomora.

Last month Moshe Ndiki made headlines following his brawl with controversial Twitter blogger Musa Khawula. This is after Moshe went to White Lounge, Sunninghill to teach Khawula a lesson after spewing bile on him online.

Things escalated quickly as they threw hands at each other and Musa’s dreadlocks fell to the ground. Moshe was enraged by Musa’s comment about his new puppy. This comes after he made a shady comment about Moshe’s failed marriage to Phelo Bala.

“Moshe Ndiki welcomes his new dog Sulizinyembezi Ndiki. This comes after his husband Phelo Bala left their marital rental apartment. Moshe Ndiki has since decided to be a dog daddy. He also can’t act, can he?” tweeted Musa. It seems Musa then went to the club to teach him a lesson about trolling him on social media.

Khawula started a petition to get Moshe fired from Gomora and it seems his petition didn’t fall on deaf ears as Daily Sun reports that Moshe has been shown the door in Gomora.

This is according to various sources who spoke to the outlet. “The production decided to fire him,” a source told the publication.

The source continued “They felt he was bringing Gomora’s name into disrepute and as a result, they wrote off his character.”

In the storyline, Moshe is currently suspended from Gomora Highschool. Another source said his suspension is meant to be his exit.

“At this stage, it is not clear if he will be coming or not, but it’s very unlikely. This is because viewers were already not happy with his acting skills,” said a source.

Gomora and Moshe opted not to comment on this. Shirley Adonisi, Director of Local Entertainment Channels at M-Net said “The Faku suspension storyline was already in place prior to the fight between Moshe and Musa, thus it’s completely unrelated,” she said.

In a tweet last month, Musa confirmed that he had opened a case of common assault against Moshe. Police were said to be investigating Moshe.

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