More Facts About Boity’s Mom – Modiehi Thulo

More Facts About Boity’s Mom – Modiehi Thulo

More Facts About Boity's Mom - Modiehi Thulo

Modiehi Thulo is one of SA’s most-cherished celeb mothers. Some would state she’s similarly cherished as her little girl Boity, if not more.

We’ve generally realized her through her girl’s web based life, however it was through Boity’s unscripted TV drama ‘Own Your Throne’ that SA truly began to look all starry eyed at Modiehi.

Look at five intriguing realities about the supermom underneath.

  1. She Is Almost 50

Modiehi takes great consideration of herself, consequently her energetic looks. The star is at present 49-years of age turning 50.

  1. She Is A Prophet

As per her Instagram profile, she is an ensured God named healer and a prophet.

  1. She Is Controversial

Modiehi is a lady who isn’t hesitant to express her genuine thoughts. One of her tweets in 2019 handled her in water. In her post, she said that individuals can bite the dust from Anal sex. This didn’t agree with a great many people and caused a ton of pressure on Twitter.

  1. She Raised Boity As A Single Mom

Being a single parent isn’t simple. be that as it may, this lady has done everything. She would go for long without seeing her little girl since she was hustling to accommodate her. Taking a gander at the manner in which Boity turned out, she made a splendid showing with being a mother.

  1. She Is A Victim Of Sexual Harassment

Shockingly like most ladies, Modiehi Thulo is a survivor of lewd behavior. She took to her Twitter to uncover that she needed to leave her past activity since her HR administrator continued pestering her and her CEO failed to address it. Thus, she lost everything.

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