Mörda speaks on his first album as a solo artist, Reveals how DJ Zinhle changed his life

Mörda speaks on his first album as a solo artist, Reveals how DJ Zinhle changed his life

Mörda speaks on his first album as a solo artist, Reveals how DJ Zinhle changed his life

It is his first work as a solo artist away from DJ and drumming duo Black Motion with Thabo ‘Smol’ Mabogwane.

On Friday, 28 October, DJ and producer Bongani ‘Mörda’ Mohosana releases his 10-track project titled Asante, named after his daughter with DJ Zinhle Jiyane.

“My daughter deserves the title of my first album as a solo artist, she has changed my life completely,” Mörda reveals.

He says fatherhood has changed his outlook on life.

“It taught me how amazing life can be when you are loved unconditionally.”

Mörda is excited yet nervous about how his fans and particularly those of Black Motion will respond to his new solo sound.

Earlier this year, the duo announced that they would be pursuing solo careers but will remain Black Motion.

“Black Motion still exists and has plans for more years to come. The only change which does not affect the duo is that Murdah has rebranded himself to Mörda. This is because he is preparing to launch his solo career as a DJ,” they share in a statement.

Speaking about the project, Mörda explains the reasons behind his collaborations.

“I can’t explain to you how amazing it feels to finally be releasing music under Mörda. I’m excited to see how people react to this project. I gave it my all and I think that also made me a little nervous when dropping, I’m calming down now,” he says.

“At first I was quite nervous, not because of the reactions from people but that little self-doubt one has when making an uncomfortable move towards growth but as soon as I pressed that first key knowing this is all me, it felt like I was being reborn.”
Mörda says the project took a month to put together.

“Asante was produced over a month in various destinations and features include Focalistic, Murumba Pitch, Brenden Praise, Mwha Keys, Oscar Mbo, Mhaw Keys, Vanco, Nhlonipho, Yallunder, Lyric Shox, Azana, Trancemicsoul, and Thakzin,” he says.

The lead single for Asante is a song for lovers titled Summer Love.

“When I first produced Summer Love I couldn’t help but hear Nkosozana Daughter’s voice, so I had to reach out to her and she was keen,” he says.

Being in love himself – with his partner DJ Zinhle, who revealed in her reality show that he had paid lobola for the Umlilo star – Mörda’s Summer Love is a song for lovers.

“I am in that space in my life and it feels right for it to be the first single,” he says.

“I hope you love it. I just want people who are as in love as I am to have a song that can carry us through Summer. Nkosazana Daughter made the song extra special and it’s just a great song for the love birds.”

In the making of the project, he experimented with various genres.

“I was experimenting with sounds from different elements in different genres and to be honest I was trying to create a new genre with the sounds,” he says.

“But music is a feeling, so I just hope this project makes people feel like it’s the first time experiencing anything great,” he adds.

“That first kiss, falling in love for the first time, first time taking a walk on the beach. I just want everyone to feel wonderful when they listen to Asante. I love this whole album and every song has a special place in my heart.”

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