Monkeypox? Gomora actress Ama Qamata (Buhle) worries Mzansi – WATCH

Monkeypox? Gomora actress Ama Qamata (Buhle) worries Mzansi – WATCH

Monkeypox? Gomora actress Ama Qamata (Buhle) worries Mzansi – WATCH

Actress Ama Qamata who plays the role of Buhle on Gomora and Puleng on the Netflix drama series Blood and Water, has given Mzansi a monkeypox scare. She left Mzansi in shock after posting Monkeypox-like blisters in a viral video. Showing off blisters like pimples on her hand, the actress revealed that she had some all over her stomach. Does the new viral disease Monkeypox infect the star actress?



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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Monkeypox is an infection caused by a virus in the same family as the smallpox virus. But Monkeypox is far less severe than smallpox, though it causes a similar illness that involves flu-like symptoms and a rash accompanied by lesions.

The vibrant actress disappeared from Gomora and vanished into thin air leaving loyal fans of her character wondering about her whereabouts. She played the role of Buhle Ndaba, a talkative daughter of the late banker Mbongeni Ndaba and Thathi Molefe. Buhle’s character is related to this generation’s teens and young adults who have most of their lives evolved on social media.

The death of Mbongeni in a botched car hijacking ordeal changed Buhle and Langa, her brother’s lives for the worst as they left the peaceful life of Sandton to live in the dusty township of Gomora. She was moved from affluent schools to Gomora High school, where she struggled to adjust. Over the Gomora storyline, Buhle’s rich uncle Phumlani comes to the rescue when he remarried Thathi and takes the family out of Gomora.

Not all that glitters is gold; Buhle learned the hard way after discovering that Phumlani was not the lovely man he portrayed. She overheard him ordering a hit and deserted their home; efforts to find her remain fruitless. Thathi still blames herself for Buhle’s disappearance, while her associates think she doesn’t want to be found.

The publication previously reported that Ama Qamata left the Gomora cast alongside Zolisa Xaluva for greener pastures. Sources revealed that she would star in a new Netflix movie alongside Thuso Mbedu.

Though the monkeypox virus has been detected in Africa, with Nigeria recording a cumulative 21 cases, there are no confirmed cases in Southern Africa. Ama Qamata’s viral video is not conclusive to ascertain if she has a monkeypox virus though her blisters got Mzansi worried.

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