Mome Mahlangu remembers Riky Rick

Mome Mahlangu remembers Riky Rick

Mome Mahlangu remembers Riky Rick

Mome Mahlangu is still struggling to come to terms with the death of her friend Riky Rick.

Taking to her Instagram timeline recently, Mome said though she is familiar with grief after losing her father in 1998, she could never reconcile with the thought of losing him or Riky Rick.

Rikhado Makhado, popularly known as Riky Rick, died on February 23.

“I never knew the pain of losing a brother or a sibling. They say time heals all wounds but I still hurt about my dad since 1998, and now you. I guess we just soldier up and pray therapy gets us through healing.

“You cross my mind. I feel my tummy crumble and immediately change my thoughts because I dwell on the times we had. I stay emotional and be up at 3am, like now.”

The reality TV star and fitness enthusiast recalled a time in 2008 when her and Riky T-shirts and sneakers.

She said she was praying for other members of the Boyz N Buck$ movement

“Now all I do is pray for the rest of the boys (Boyz N Buck$) to learn to speak up about anything and be there for each other off the stage and out of the club because that takes away so much of your time from your loved one.

“I understood the night Mo retired from the stage. And you always struggled to leave B and the kids behind for the stage. The pain of an entertainer will forever be misunderstood. Do you want money or your family? The reality is both, but it’s not always possible. You will suffer and it’s mostly the family.”

She said that she would continue preaching about mental wellness and create loving and kind spaces for people not to be afraid to be themselves.

“We all suffer from something, we just don’t know what it is. One thing I have always appreciated about you was your big heart and kindness. You loved hard and genuine to those you care about.”

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