Modiehi Thulo On Her Consultation Fee

Modiehi Thulo On Her Consultation Fee

Modiehi Thulo On Her Consultation Fee

Boity’s mother recently took to social media to state that in as much as she would like to help everyone through her spiritual gift, it’s not always possible. She wants to help out for free but the ancestors are not agreeing. She’s at a dilemma at the moment because she doesn’t how to charge people. At a point, she charged some R5 for a consultation free.

“Sometimes I wanna help for free. Sometimes I wanna reduce the price for consultation to R5.00 but Akuvu. I just can’t boGogo. Bo Mkhulu. It’s not me. It’ them. Those who gave me the gift to help,” she said,

She asked her followers to please bear with her and understand that she can’t always help out for free.

“Please bear with me if I can’t help you for free. I tried. Trust me I did. Please don’t ask me to…I don’t even know how to charge a helper. I sometimes feel like I’m giving them too little, my former employees too!! its hard.”

Sharing her insights on Instagram the other day, Boity’s mom revealed one of the biggest reason why most relationships fail. Gogo Nyani said that money is the cause for breaking even the most solid relationships.

“You could be the best of friends. The best sisters. Lovers. Money can betray your relationship. Don’t be too greedy to be blinded by the love of money. Don’t be too greedy and blind to see the good in others because of your love for money. Just saying,” she added.

Her daughter, Boity has been linked to actor Anton Jeftha over the last couple of months and they two have been hinting that they are indeed an item. On Boity birthday, Modiehi was sighted having a conversation with Anton as well as Boity’s manager, Bash. After seeing this, many fans concluded that Boity and Anton are an item and her mother approves.

Anton gushed about Boity on her birthday, penning a heartfelt message. “Happiest of birthdays Boity, you’re a gift and a light to so many, keep shining as bright as you do.” He said. “Here’s a series of some fun times, and to many many more.”

Boitumelo responded and said that she appreciates Anton. “Thank you so much, A! I appreciate this so much! Thank you for everything!”

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