Modern Brazilian Clothing For All Gender -And Chic For African Too

Modern Brazilian Clothing For All Gender -And

Chic For African Too

The OBP blog is a fashion blog, but it has always gone for Modern Brazilian Clothing and stimulating consumption.

Empowering our readers has always been our great goal,

as well as valuing and spreading black talents,

whether in Modern Brazilian Clothing or in the arts.

Thinking about it I decided to make a “Guide” with black designer brands that I have been following on the internet and I really admire the work.

Many of them that are not in the big fashion weeks, in the big magazines or in the best sales points,

but are there producing a creative and full of quality,

resisting every day in this racist fashion market that makes us invisible every day.

The intention of this Modern Brazilian Clothing is to connect black designers with the consumer public,

who believes that “affirmative buying” can transform lives and stimulate the social promotion of these great talents, whether you are black, white, not white.

I hope this post is useful and presents new possibilities of consumption,

besides the obvious ones that do not represent us. Below are some of these amazing brands!

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Modern Brazilian Clothing -creative and full of quality

New Violeta

A standout amongst the most lovely brands I’ve known of late on the web.

From the nautical creator Naya Violeta,

the brand creates accumulations with constrained dissemination,

Naya brings blends of prints and a wheel brazilidade, to move and to mix with comfort.


Made by the beautician Rafael Joaquim,

the brand TTrappo works with Upcycling idea and builds up its pieces from the disposed of and remaining textures of the mold business.


Created by the Bahian sisters Loo and Luma Nascimento,

Dresscoração mark is today one of the best references of dark business in form.


Created by beautician Thaís Delgado, VERKKO looks to deliver an immortal, erotic, rich and moderate form.


Brought about by two Brazilian and Angolan Afropreneurs,

Luana Bartholomeu and Rosana Mendes,

the brand intends to esteem Afro-Brazilian Culture and Beauty through a form.


The brand created by the carioca Fabrício de Oliveira in 2013,

enlivened by the Lifestyle of the suburb of Rio de Janeiro,

creates T-shirts with topics that talk about the neighborhood culture,

the North Zone, where Fabrício was conceived and lives.



Developed by the São Paulo musician and photographer Moah Buffalo.


 Gabi Monteiro

Brand of the Rio de Janeiro beautician Gabi Monteiro,

as of late shaped by Puc Rio. As of late propelled Denver,

the brand’s first Capsule Collection, and the online store.


Created by the Bahian Isaac Silva,

today’s identity a standout amongst the most encouraging names of the Week of the Creators,

design week parallel to SPFW.


which are utilized to make your adornments.

His accumulations are propelled by African clans.


MIG Jeans



 Maria Chantal



 Vaca de Pelúcia

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