Model and actress Ayanda Thabethe Breaks Her Silence

Model and actress Ayanda Thabethe Breaks Her Silence

Model and actress Ayanda Thabethe Breaks Her Silence

Model and actress Ayanda Thabethe has come out to tell her side of the story. The beauty who was married to Andile Ncube has come out to refute claims made against her ex husband saying it is all fake news.
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The timeline is ablaze right now and it’s all thanks to a Twitter user @BadubeS who dropped files on Andile Ncube and implicated many others. He alleged that the television presenter Andile Ncube is gay and is having sexual relations with Sunday World journalist Theo Nyhaba.

The spotlight was brought to Andile when he outed a doctor who openly admitted to unapologetically causing another persons suicide, all because they were apparently homophobic. The doctor who has gone MIA apparently had the man blacklisted from registering at any university after posting homophobic material on Facebook.

After exposing Andile, the tweep further added that Ayanda Thebethe was on the brink of suicide when she caught Andile cheating on her with another man. “And when are we gonna discuss how Ayanda Thabethe nearly killed herself after finding your legs opened high in the sky for another man,” said the tweep.

Ayanda has since gone out to defend herself by saying such events never occurred in her life and that it is all false news.

“At times the truth is neither sexy nor juicy which is why people refuse to hear it. I repeat, NO SUCH THING HAS EVER OCCURRED in my life as has been spoken about.”

She also said she is not defending Andile however she is merely speaking for herself, “This is not in defense or the protection of a particular person but to outlay the truth of my own story.”

Regarding his sexuality, Ayanda says she does not understand why people are still so invested in people’s sexualities and their choices. She did not confirm nor deny Andile’s alleged sexuality.

“I don’t get why anyone’s sexuality should still be making news if we regard ourselves as a society that is accepting of people’s sexuality and their right to convey those choices publicly or not… I find it hypocritical…”

Even though she speaks for herself, she can say it with her chest that none of it is apparently true, “The whole part. All of it is false. Fake news. Lies.”

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