Mmusi Maimane and DJ Shimza exchange blows over viral R15million stadium

Mmusi Maimane and DJ Shimza exchange blows over viral R15million stadium

Mmusi Maimane and DJ Shimza exchange blows over viral R15million stadium

South African politician and former leader of the opposition party Democratic Alliance Mmusi Maimane exchange blows with ANC sympathizer DJ Shimza ( real name Ashley Raphala)

South Africa woke up to the news that the ruling party African National Congress built R15 million Lesseyton stadium in Enoch Mgijima Local municipality in Eastern Cape. Opposition party leaders and South African received the news with a pinch of salt and trashed the ruling party for public funds abuse, and corruption for a merely R2million worth stadium.

EFF Vice President Floyd Shivambu laid the fighting battleground by calling South Africans to vote out ANC for constructing a substandard R15million stadium.

An ANC Municipality in the Eastern Cape, Enoch Mgijima, has opened what they call a stadium… R15 MILLION was paid to build this thing & they are proud of it. The people of South Africa must vote these people out of power because they have no shame. None whatsoever! R15m for this?

At first, Dj Shimza looked astonished by the stadium, and Mmunsi Maimane insinuated that even Dj Shimza couldn’t spin these turntables.

Realizing that he is about to bite the mouth that feeds him, Shimza backtracked and started to justify R15 spending on a visibly low-cost stadium. He suggested that after consultations with engineers, the R15million cost is justified on the stadium.

This one aikhona, I’m seeing a lot of engineers and people who work in construction saying it’s possible, but people must account for clarity.


Mmusi Maimane responded with information on why Shimza has softened his blow and claims that the stadium construction was overpriced from his experience in projects.

I understand why you have to soften the blow. From my experience, this project did not come close to R15 million.

– Mmusi Maimane

A determined Shimza continued to drag Mmusi into the argument and asked for his academic qualification and that he shouldn’t discredit educated engineers to settle political scores.

The outspoken politician implied that Shimza is in a romantic relationship with the ANC government. He threw the sucker punch when he compared his Masters in Economics qualifications to Shimza’s Dj competitions.

Message your bae. Send flowers. No one forced you to enter this chat. I have a masters in Economics; while you were entering DJ competitions, I worked in a public office. I know what I am talking about. Bottom line, the project did not cost R15 million. There is no spin room.

-Mmusi Maimane

Shimza tried to recover from Mmusi’ blow, but that was the end of him. He boasted that he owns six successful businesses that he can never be fired from, with Mmusi who was fired from the Democratic Alliance political party.
Mmusi Maimane went straight into Dj Shimza’s bedroom and revealed that Shimza was about to get “fired” by his girlfriend.

Mmusi put the final nail of the coffin when it revealed that Shimza aspires to government tenders. The government hosted an event at Shimza’s Hang Awt Restaurant in Tembisa dubbed Ministerial cook-off with Somizi.

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