MJ and Bontle reflect on their journey on Temptation Island SA

MJ and Bontle reflect on their journey on Temptation Island SA

MJ and Bontle reflect on their journey on Temptation Island SA

While MJ and Bontle were just strangers when they first met on Temptation Island SA they left the final bonfire as a couple.

Though Mzansi is yet to find out if their love is still burning strong, the pair took some time out to reflect on their time on the island with fun a Q&A ahead of the reunion on Thursday.

This is what they had to say:

After everything that has been said and done, you’re going into a relationship with someone who left his partner. Can MJ be trusted?

MJ: Maybe I’ll come back to Temptation Island Season 2 with Bontle, so you never know what could happen! It was my plan to come here, but the experience turned out otherwise by meeting someone else and now I’m in a relationship with the beautiful Bontle.

Bontle: I think I’m going to give MJ the benefit of the doubt because I feel like, as people, we are different people towards other people. I really feel like I’m confident that MJ wouldn’t cheat on me because, well, you know! I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

How do you think Nthabi [MJ’s ex] feels about how everything went down?

MJ: She’s heartbroken. Yeah, she’s heartbroken for sure. When I saw her at the bonfire and when she talked about it, I could see. But she decided to leave single, which meant that I am single. So I decided to leave with Bontle. She made her choice, and I made my choice to leave with Bontle.

Did your relationship with Nthabi end because of what happened in the villa?

MJ: Yeah, that’s the reason she left. But that was my own experience. I had to open up myself to the experience inside the villa. When you go there, you don’t go there as someone in a relationship, you go there as a single who gets to meet beautiful singles like Bontle! You guys are putting me on the spot!

What did you learn during your time on Temptation Island?

Bontle: I learned that I have major trust issues! I’m such a “seeing is believing” type of person. There’s a lot I have to change in my relationships and in my friendships and everything all around me. I’ve learnt that people are different, and we don’t always have to see eye to eye to be correct. We just have to respect each other’s journeys and try to make that work.

MJ: I’ve learned how to open up more to new adventures and new people. I have also learned how to allow myself to love. Before I was a man of lust; now I’m a man of love. When I first came to the villa, the old MJ would have wanted to sleep with everyone and now I just went for one person and stuck with her all the way until now. It was all about love and not lust.

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