Minnie Dlamini on producing groundbreaking content

Minnie Dlamini on producing groundbreaking content

Minnie Dlamini on producing groundbreaking content

Minnie Dlamini has dipped her hands in many projects over the years, but she is most proud of her production company, Beautiful Day Productions.

Dlamini, who spent many years in front of the camera, told YouTuber Nono D on her series “InShot” that she wasn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty when trying to learn everything she could about the world behind the camera.

I’ve always wanted to produce, to create movies and television. I believe that there’s a way we can shape society through art, whether it’s through having conversations that’s taboo or enlightening a community about what’s actually going on in a certain space.

”That’s always been my passion, whether I was in front or behind the camera. I remember when I started out after winning the presenter search. I dropped out of university and I had nothing to do except be on TV on a Friday night for an hour.

Minnie Dlamini on producing groundbreaking content

“I decided to intern at the production house that produced my show. I use to run around, grab coffees for everyone and then I said to them, ‘Guys, I can totally do more.

Eventually, I ended up writing the script for the show, booking the artists and being part of the creative meeting of how the show was going to run. She said that was when her love for production really began.

I started running around with the camera on my shoulder. I remember one day we were interviewing Zola (7) and he asked me what I was doing behind the camera, wasn’t I supposed to be interviewing him.

And I told him that I was just the assistant today. And I remember that it confused so many different people. I really wasn’t afraid to get my hands dirty. Dlamini said she was so hungry to learn that she was never fazed by people thinking, “Oh, that’s Minnie Dlamini.

“I was just so hungry and eager to learn. And over the years, being on different productions, I always liked to put my ear in spaces that didn’t concern me, but just to learn and be more understanding of the process

Dlamini registered her production company in 2012 but it was not until 2016 that she decided to produce her first bit of content, which was her wedding special, “Becoming Mrs Jones”, which went on to become the most-watched show in Showmax’s history at the time. She has not stopped producing since.

“I really started getting itchy to sink my teeth into film and I finally got the opportunity to do that last year, I produced two films, ‘Goodbye Gogo’ and ‘No Love Lost’. It was just an incredible experience.

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