Minnie Dlamini disappointed with Cape Town residents

Minnie Dlamini disappointed with Cape Town residents

Mrs. Jones, Minnie Dlamini is disappointed in Capetonians! It’s day one of level four lockdown but people are already disobeying the Lockdown rules and regulations. Cape Town has been trending all day for not adhering to the rules. Mzansi is hopeless that level three will be reached anytime soon. People have been spotted walking around without masks or even practicing social distancing, which looks like a time ticking bomb.

Western Cape being the highest when it comes to the number of people infected, it doesn’t look like some residents are not even slightly bothered.

Sea Point was at its busiest this morning while people were out doing their exercises and taking walks they’ve been missing during the level five lockdown.

People are still shocked at this behavior. Some are pleading with Cape Townians to please adhere to the rules and some have lost hope in seeing the lockdown reach level one or even progressing to level three for that matter.

Minnie Dlamini disappointed with Cape Town residents

Some people are suggesting that the president locks down provinces according to how they’ve been behaving because if this isn’t the case, people who follow rules and regulations will end up feeling like they’re being punished for following the rules.

Disaster Management Act: Regulations: Alert level 4 during Coronavirus COVID19 lockdown: https://www.gov.za/documents/disaster-management-actregulations-29-apr-2020-0000

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