Mihlali Ndamase on black tax: ‘I no longer just work for myself’

Mihlali Ndamase on black tax: 'I no longer just work for myself'

Mihlali Ndamase, like many South Africans, is responsible, at a young age, for looking after her siblings and other family members.

The beauty vlogger and influencer occasionally lets fans in on her personal life and at the weekend opened up about supporting her family.

In a social media thread, Mihlali said: “I’m 24, looking after my baby cousin, who is in her first year of university, while preparing to put my baby sister through school very soon.”

She said she didn’t expect God to give her these responsibilities so soon, but was grateful to be able to help.

“I no longer just work for myself, which motivates me to push harder,” she added.

Fans soon flooded her social media post, pointing out their family responsibilities.

Mihlali isn’t the only celeb to speak on black tax.

Skeem Saam actor Clement Maosa told TshisaLIVE last year that he looked after his siblings after his parents’ death.

“I grew up without a mom and dad, and when I started working I had to start looking after my siblings. Even today, I look after my siblings. When you start working you want to better the situation at home, but at the same time now have your own responsibilities.”

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