Mihlali Ndamase EXPOSES big brands owing her money

Mihlali Ndamase EXPOSES big brands owing her money

Mihlali Ndamase EXPOSES big brands owing her money

South African influencer, Mihlali Ndamase is one of the highest-paid and her affiliation with big brands has everything to do with it.

But in a move no-one saw coming, the YouTuber dragged several corporations after they failed to honour their end of the deal.

On Saturday 29 October, Mihlali took to her Instagram Stories to name and shame big brands that did not pay her for her work.

And first in the firing line was Cape Town hotspot Saint Lounge.

Tagging them, she shared: “I hosted Saint Lounge in August. I still havent received payment. Kindly advise when can expect my money my angels?”

She then asked her followers: “There are two other brands that owe me money, should I elaborate?”

After being given the go-ahead, Mihlali took on telecommunications giant Vodacom next. She posted: “As much as I love you, I didn’t leave my house and shoot content for free. When are you paying me?”

Mihlali then took a final shot at Roth Media Productions, for which she shot content for the brand Malfy Gin.

She shared: “Months of not paying me as a brand ambassador…can we talk?”.

She added in another slide: “Bigger person ushonile [is dead]. I want my money”

After being called out on social media, it unsurprisingly took the embarrassed brands a few hours to quickly transfer funds to the influencer

“Payment received”, she shared in an update.

On Twitter, Mihlali trended over her bold comments and brazen way of taking on the brands she worked with.

But whilst fans praised the social media star for standing up for herself, they did express their disappointment at the brands’ business etiquette.

@Melo_Malebo: “It took Mihlali two Instagram stories for big companies to process her payment in less than 3hrs? That’s power there”

@Sechaba_G: “Mihlali publicly dragging brands that haven’t paid her is exactly the kind of action that needs to be normalized. We don’t talk enough about the disrespect that freelancers are continually subjected to specifically when coming to late payments”

@segagezethu: “The fact that those brands paid Mihlali so quickly goes to show they had the money and they just don’t have respect”

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