Mihlali issues statement on her love life

Mihlali issues statement on her love life

Mihlali issues statement on her love life

then proceeded to air out Khawula’s dirty laundry, saying that he has a whole murder case to worry about. He shouldn’t be worried about her having a nail technician.

“You have a whole murder case to worry about, I don’t think me having the luxury of flying a nail technician in and out of the country should be your concern my baby,” tweeted Mihlali

In an Instagram story said to have been shared on the same day, Mihlali published what looked like a statement addressed to those sending her mother negative messages on social media.

“It’s been brought to my attention that people are now sending my mother foul messages on social media,” it reads.

  1. I’ve never been one to address speculations about my love life online, I’ve never felt I owe the public explanations on that part of my life and that’s always been the case AND IT WILL REMAIN THAT WAY.

  2. I’m the public figure here, my family has nothing to do with what’s said about Mihlali.

She also pleads with the public to respect her family’s wishes to lead a private life.

With that being said please respect my families decision to live a private life and leave them out of anything positive or negative said about me, just like how you message me directly about the positive things let’s keep the same energy regarding the negative. THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH “MIHLALI” AS A BRAND.

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