Meet Gomora actor Sicelo Buthelezi (Teddy) who has also stolen Zozibini Tunzi’s heart

Meet Gomora actor Sicelo Buthelezi (Teddy) who has also stolen Zozibini Tunzi’s heart

Entertainer Sicelo Buthelezi could be a newcomer, however he is as of now causing a ripple effect and his essence is being felt.

He plays the character, Teddy in Mzansi’s new TV arrangement, Gomora. In spite of being minimal known, Sicelo Buthelezi he’s discovered a fan known to mankind’s most lovely lady.

South Africa’s diamond couldn’t shroud her appreciation of him, however made a holler. “If you don’t mind disclose to Teddy that he’s a fave,” Zozibini Tunzi tweeted.

He was astonished that even Zozi knows him and he said it was stunning.

“It is stunning that an entire Miss Universe knows who I am,” Sicelo said with a chuckle.

It is his introduction TV job for him, it is an encounter and an expectation to absorb information which he is getting a charge out of.

He genuinely contacted the watchers’ hearts when was blamed for a highjacking and murder. He admitted under tension, in spite of him being guiltless.

Sicelo is brimming with fun with Teddy, feel calm on set and he credits that to some of his co-stars, who enlivened him.

He never envisioned he would one day follow up on large stages gaining from enormous names, for example, Connie Chiume.

“I am in no scenes with Mam’ Connie however I am ready to gain from her,” the 21-year-old said.

“It is astonishing for me to be on set with individuals like Katlego Danke and Zolisa Xaluva on my first large break,” he included.

He is glad to be a piece of such a creation gaining from prepared entertainers and on-screen characters.

He clarified; “I am amped up for being a piece of a cast this way and perceiving how they all pay attention to their occupations so is motivating to me. They have been in the game for a considerable length of time yet they don’t underestimate any of it.”

To be the best one needs to gain from the best, so he accepts.

His tutor is the adaptable Warren Masemola, whom he met at The Market Theater, where Sicelo contemplated and Warren is a former student.

“He is showing me a ton – even with internet based life, clarifying that I should not be too devoured by the things individuals compose via web-based networking media, fortunate or unfortunate,” he said.

“He likewise instructed me to accept any negative remarks as a scrutinize that I can use to better myself, and not consider it to be haters,” he included.

He is glad to be presented to a huge number of individuals and said; “I am accustomed to performing for 50 individuals in a theater and once you get off­stage then it is finished. Be that as it may, presently with TV, there are a great many people viewing. I am continually attempting to show signs of improvement.”

He adored football when he was youthful and growing up, Sicelo needed to be a soccer player. He never envisioned he would become famous in acting.

At the point when he noted he was not dynamic enough for soccer, he sought after his new enthusiasm, acting. “No, man. That running thing all the time can’t be my life,” he said.

What a decent choice, he is yet to grapple with the possibility that South Africans have held nothing back from Teddy.

He saw an online life post about tryouts for the job and he attempted his karma by sending his CV and pictures.

He was called at AFDA where he was approached to try out for two jobs one for Teddy and the other for Ntokozo.

“I had various call-backs and the vast majority of them expected me to peruse for the two characters. I was in the end messaged that I had made it for Teddy,” he said. Ntobeko Sishi got the job of Ntokozo.

He needed to look into and to depict Teddy well, Sicelo took some motivation from youngsters in Tembisa living with uncommon requirements.

“Our family lives close Thembinkosi Special School and I’ve perceived how the children carry on. I have seen the individuals who live in my general vicinity who I have collaborated with and seen them when they get into the school transport to go on trips. That has helped me comprehend the job since Teddy is a kid with extraordinary requirements,” he said.

Sicelo’s mom is his greatest supporter, she extremely glad for her child and she trust it is her own child currently being referred to from to the extent the US. All the more so by the belle of the ball, Zozi.

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