Meet Bonang Matheba’s lookalike – Photos

Meet Bonang Matheba’s lookalike

Meet Bonang Matheba’s lookalike – Photos

While Generations’ Gaddafi is busy snubbing meeting with his lookalike, Queen B (Bonang Matheba) on the other hand embraced her lookalike and the two are now BFFs.

Bonang Matheba is a South African media personality, author, TV presenter, and businesswoman just like her doppelganger, Toke Makinwa. Makinwa is a Nigerian actor, author, YouTuber, and TV personality just like Matheba.
Makinwa who is Nigeria’s IT girl not only looks like Matheba but is also BFF’s with her.

These two inspire each other style-wise as they’ve previously rocked the same outfits from; the trendy pyjama inspired suits, to the peacock turban dresses and the African print with similar sunglasses to Bonang’s trademark sunglasses.
Meet Bonang Matheba’s lookalike – Photos
Twitter usually goes crazy when they intentionally and unintentionally post similar looks and goes even wilder when they’re in the same picture. The two do not only share similar careers paths, but they have the same personalities.

Bonang is Besties with her lookalike and have shared some memories together.

Toke also used to appear in Bonang Matheba’s reality show ‘Being Bonang’, which has not been renewed for a third season. The two previously shared pictures on social media from Matheba’s birthday celebration and fans couldn’t split them apart. When fans looked at the pictures, they thought that they are seeing double.

Bonang’s Long-Lost Twin published a book titled ‘On Becoming’ which tells of her journey in life; her struggles after her parents died, her marriage, and her faith in God.

While Matheba published a book titled ‘From A to B’ which is an invitation to sit in as she reflects on her journey from A to B; from children’s TV presenter to international campaigns.

Before Covid-19, Matheba visited Nigeria often to have lunches and sleepovers with her bestie. This was shocking to her fans as Matheba is known to not be able to maintain friendships or make a friend’s a priority.

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