Media Personality Scoop Makhathini Responds To Cassper’s shade

Media Personality Scoop Makhathini Responds To Cassper’s shade

Media Personality Scoop Makhathini Responds To Cassper’s shade

The drama in South African Hip Hop doesn’t end. The beef between Cassper Nyovest and Scoop Makhathini recently made headlines again. This comes after comments from Scoop that didn’t sit well with Nyovest.

Since then, the relationship between the two has gone south as they continue to throw jabs at one another. Following the release of Cassper’s highly anticipated album Any Minute Now, the award-winning rapper threw some jabs at Scoop and this led many fans to believe that the beef between the two had been re-ignited.

Media Personality Scoop Makhathini Responds To Cassper’s shade
On the track thoughts featuring American rapper Boogie, Cassper said that he is forced to smile with people like Scoop who pretend to love him.

Since Scoop’s YouTube show was on hold for a while, fans had to wait for a few weeks before they could get a response and the moment finally arrived this past Wednesday as the Popcast resumed.

While sharing his thoughts on the new album, Scoop also responded to Cassper’s diss.

“As far as the comment that has to do with me, I got a shoutout on ‘I Hope You Bought It’, I got a shoutout on ‘The Breakfast Club’, I guess the shoutouts were becoming too nice.” Said Scoop. “Personally with where I am right now spiritually and where my energy is at and what I’ve learnt with myself and just growing up – I don’t see anything bad in it.”

He said that he understands where the rapper is coming from.

I like the fact that he was able to know that he can say that and knew that Scoop will understand that I’m just venting.

He also said that there’s nothing Cassper can say that make him love him less.

“And with all the conversations all the time that I’ve had with him at his house and sleeping over. There’s nothing that he can say to take away what I feel about him. How he sees it, it’s not really up to me. But I’m definitely sure with where I am with my emotion about him as a man.”

He added that he understands that not everyone will like his approach but it is always love with him and it’ll never change.

“You don’t always have to smile with me but I’m always going to smile with you. I don’t have a hating bone in my body. I understand that my kind of demeanour and my kind of approach might not be for everybody. I don’t know how it’s going to be when we see each other again but I’m definitely going to be smiling.”

Ms Cosmo also said a few words to support Scoop’s statement.

“You know what, I hear you because at the end of the day it becomes like If people need to get something off their chest they need to get it off their chest. And then they’ll move on and the relationship will still remain the same.”

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