Media Personality Lerato Kganyago blasts body shamer

Media Personality Lerato Kganyago blasts body shamer

Media Personality Lerato Kganyago blasts body shamer

“Thoma ka wena bloody fool” these are the words that media personality Lerato Kganyago had for a body shamer when he recently tried to hijack one of her Instagram live streams in an effort to shame her into shedding the weight he thinks she recently gained.

Directly translated, the sentence basically means “start with yourself”.

Kganyago also told him to try going for a jog, before comparing the size of his neck to that of the hippo that was recently on the loose in the Johannesburg suburb of Fourways.

The hippo trended recently after fake news spread that it had been caught, slaughtered and eaten.

However, the Gauteng agriculture department assured the public that this was fake news and that the hippo was safe, sound and back where it belongs (Hartbeespoort Dam).

Kganyago then told her female followers to not let it slide when men make comments about their weight.

Speaking in Sepedi, Lerato instructed her female fans to insult any man that felt comfortable being disrespectful about a woman’s weight.

“You must be comfortable with your weight. And keep in mind that men do not know what they want. One minute, they’re saying ‘thickums, thickums, thickums’ and when you become thick, next thing they’re calling you fat. And when they’re skinny you call them all sorts of names.”

“Stop bashing women, it’s not right, If I see you bashing women, me, I’m gonna come for you,” she added.

Media Personality Lerato Kganyago blasts body shamer

When another follower said that they did not like how she addressed the issue, Kganyago simply stated that she did not care how the follower felt about her handling of disrespect.

“We were out here having a discussion and then you disrespect me calling me fat… What did you want? A round of applause? No ways, you ain’t getting sh**. We’re tired of you guys abusing us. You treat people the way they treat you.”

Kganyago initially started the live stream to crowdsource names for a new business she was launching. She also wanted to show fans the office where the business would be operating from.

The star already has other products under the brand name Flutterby LKG – eyelashes and sanitary pads.

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