Mbalula hits back by opening case against Somizi

Mbalula hits back by opening case against Somizi

Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula is expected to open a criminal case against media personality Somizi Mhlongo.

This comes after Mhlongo said Mbalula had told him lockdown would be extended. A statement he later retracted.

In a statement released by the department of transport, Mbalula is taking action against name dropping and misinformation by Mhlongo.

According to Esethu Hasane “Minister Mbalula will be at Sandton Police Station this morning to report the contravention of the Government Lockdown Regulation as published under the Disaster Management ACt on fake news and misinformation pedding”.

Yesterday Twitter trolls were not happy with the apology issued out by Mhlongo.

In a video statement Somizi said: “It was a bad joke on my part….I did say to my colleague later that I was joking and that I never spoke to the minister at any point I was just scaring her…again I’m sorry for the bad joke…and I apologise to the minister for such a dangerous statement”.

The drama started when a live broadcast posted by Dineo Ranaka, went viral.

In the video, Mhlongo confidently said that today would be the day that the extension would be announced.

“Today, they will be announcing. I just spoke to Fikile,” said Mhlongo

At this point Ranaka cut the live broadcast and the conversation continued offline.

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