Master KG Clears His Name

Master KG Clears His Name

Master KG Clears His Name

Expert KG has willingly volunteered to demonstrate his innocence after Nomcebo Zikode took to online media today to deliver an assertion guaranteeing that she has not gotten a penny for Jerusalema.

Rubbishing the cases, Master KG said Nomcebo requested more than they have concurred on.

He tweeted: “Understanding Of Jerusalema Is 50/50 Between Me And Nomcebo But Wants 70% and I Must Get 30%”

On a now-erased tweet, he additionally referenced that Nomcebo got over 1,000,000 Rand for the melody up until now.

“Would you be able to affirm that you gotten R1.5m so distant from Jerusalema? what’s more, before I clarify numerous things you folks haven’t paid me for Xola Moya Wami…And once more, Nomcebo would you be able to tell these individuals that you are requesting a greater rate than mine on this melody?”

Expert KG likewise explained that he isn’t saying the tune just made an aggregate of 3 Million after a tweep remarked that it is basically impossible that that Jerusalem just made 3 Million on Royalties with all the jewel situations with various nations.

He reacted: “Who said the tune made 3M??? You Don’t Know whether the R1.5M I’m discussing Is for Publishing or The Master yet You Concluding Things…Anyway, I Believe When The Time is Right Everyone will realize the fact of the matter There’s Nothing to Hide Here I’m Tired of Being Hated for lies.”

In another tweet, Master KG said Nomcebo started running to the papers after he started his tour a few weeks ago.

He said: “Last year Nomcebo started Jerusalema tour without me and I never had a problem and a few weeks back I started my tour and then Nomcebo went to the media and created a story that I’m leaving her behind … I don’t really know why things must be like this.”

In the statement released this morning, Nomcebo said she has taken legal actions.

The statement read: “Thank you to all the fans of #Jerusalema, you have made my dreams a reality, with attaining a global hit song. My voice and lyrics have transcended globally, but I still await what is due to me”

“I have not been paid a cent by the label for #Jerusalema despite the song’s global success. I have been ridiculed, with efforts to marginalize my contribution

“The continued love and support from the fans of #Jerusalema have been her strength and anchor during this difficult time. I, as a female artist, can’t stay silent on this anymore. The matter is now with my lawyers.”

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