Masasa Mbangeni Speaks Up About Her Break Up

Masasa Mbangeni Speaks Up About Her Break Up

Masasa Mbangeni Speaks Up About Her Break Up

Masasa Mbageni is the acclaimed SAFTA-award-winning actress who made her mark when she portrayed the villainous character of Thembeka Shezi.TV’s Scandal. However, her personal life was highlighted when she shared her love story with Tshedza Films co-owner and executive producer Gwydion Beynon.

In 2021, the couple seemed happy as Masasa took to her social media to celebrate the anniversary of their relationship as reported at the time:

We love seeing love win! Masasa Mbangeni is head over heels in love with her man and today they celebrate their anniversary. We have seen many relationships in ZAlebville hit rock bottom and have some of the most unexpected breakups. Masasa pleads with people who might have a problem with her relationship to turn a blind eye because Sis is happy.

Masasa Mbangeni Speaks Up About Her Break Up

Taking to social media, Masasa expressed her never dying love for her man in celebration of their anniversary. Her bae Gwydion Beynon is a producer who has stolen Masasa’s heart. She shot her shot and never looked back since.

However, by 2022, social media realized that things might not be as happy anymore following Masasa sharing a string of tweets on heartbreak.

Initially, she did not confirm nor did she deny her relationship ending. However, it seems that Masasa has finally gotten over her relationship as she can now joke about it.

Masasa Mbangeni talks about her breakup

Masasa Mbangeni Speaks Up About Her Break Up

Back in December 2022, it was reported that Masasa and Gywdion were over. The article at the time shared in part that:

It is true when they say that is gold does not always glitter, as actress Masasa Mbangeni and boyfriend Gwydion Beynon call it quits. Reportedly, the television writer and producer Beynon and Mbangeni have parted ways following an abrupt break-up.

According to Zimoja Lezinto, Masasa Mbangeni, and her boyfriend Gwydion Beynon are no longer an item, following a very sad break-up that has left Mbangeni in a very ‘traumatic’ state.

Taking to Twitter over the weekend, Masasa spoke about how living with your partner is not conducive to a long-term and happy relationship as she tweeted:

Seeing as she opened the door to the conversation, her followers then asked what happened to her own public relations. Seeing as her initial tweet had already highlighted the possible reason for their breakup, Masasa took the mickey out of the situation as she went on to joke about why their relationship ended.

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