Married Smash Afrika and Msaki accused of having an affair

Married Smash Afrika and Msaki accused of having an affair

Married Smash Afrika and Msaki accused of having an affair

Msaki has been dragged in the mud for being a homewrecker by having an affair with Smash Afrika who is married with children.

The wife of the radio personality named Kefiloe Chuene, found a photo of her husband and the award-winning singer kissing.

Kefiloe Chuene who is famously known as the daughter of Rami Chuene also found love letters from the singer to her husband, expressing how much she loves him.

“There is a protection order which prohibits me from talking to the media about these matters, but I will speak out one day,” she said.

A relative of Kefiloe revealed how the affair affected the marriage 3 months after their traditional wedding in 2020.

“She told us he started throwing tantrums, telling her she was useless, and a gold digger and she and her family had conned him into marrying her,” said the relative.

“When she gave birth, they were no longer together, she had already moved out of their matrimonial home, living with her mother [Rami].”

Married Smash Afrika and Msaki accused of having an affair

It’s reported that Smash confessed and apologised to his wife in a lengthy message.

“I will stop manipulating you emotionally and hurting you through invalidating your emotions. I will stop emotionally abusing you. I will stop projecting my pain and stress in our household on you,” reads part of the message.

In another message sent to her, Smash Afrika appears to confess that he subjected his wife to abusive expletives. “I did use my dirty mouth to block you out and I regret that and sorry for using silent treatment as a tool. Sorry for stealing your joy through my selfish and childish tantrums.”

An extract from Msaki’s love letter was revealed: “The box represents a commitment to loving you ravishingly and holding communication, honesty, transparency in high regard between us. As you know, I shut down in my previous relationship. I want you to know that I tend to fill this box, reflections, questions, offerings about us/ you/ me.”

It was further revealed that Afrika told his wife that Msaki gives him more peace.

However, the singer denied dating or having an affair with Smash.

“Kefiloe told us that Msaki denied dating Smash Afrika and said she misunderstood their relationship because there was nothing going on between them,” said the relative.

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