Man miraculously saves newborn baby dumped in the drain

Man miraculously saves newborn baby dumped in the drain

Man miraculously saves newborn baby dumped in the drain

A Kayamandi man, who was part of the group of friends that saved a baby who was dumped in a drain on Monday morning, said God might have directed him to save the life of the little one.

Daniel Golden (29) said every time when walking to work, he normally puts earphones on.

On Monday he walked without earphones.

On the corner of Mjandanan and 10th streets, Golden heard a child crying but did not know where the sound was coming from.

“People were passing by and nobody really bothered to check what was going on. I then realized that the sound was coming from the drain.

“I then called my three friends to come, then we tried to open the drain but it was hard. We then went to the other side where we managed to remove the concrete slabs. Then my friend got inside and picked up the baby. I then asked for a blanket, then we covered her,” said Golden.

Golden believes God wanted him to save the baby.

“I never walk around without my earphones when going to work. It happened only on Monday, the same day I heard the baby crying. As a Christian, I believe that God had a plan for me to save a life,” he said.

After saving the child, cops were called together with the ambulance, but Golden had to rush to work.

Another eyewitness Nomsa Sikhobongwane (31) said: “When I heard about the sound of the baby crying from the drain I was shocked. I walked back quickly and tried to stop a taxi that was coming so that I can talk to them to help the child,” she said.

She then called other people to the scene while Golden and his friends were trying to open the slab.

“I hope the little girl is doing well, I wish I could see her. Actually, I’m going to arrange so that I will see her when she is out of the hospital.”

Golden said he did not sleep all night after the incident.

“I was heartbroken that someone would throw away a beautiful soul just like that,” he said.

Cops spokesman Frederick Van Wyk confirmed the incident.

“Stellenbosch police are investigating an attempted murder case after a newborn baby was found on 26 October at 7.30 am at the corner of Mjandanan and 10th streets, Kayamandi, Stellenbosch.

“According to reports, a passerby heard a baby crying in the drain at the corner of the mentioned address. The ambulance was contacted and a newborn baby girl was found alive in the drain,” he said.

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