MaMkhize’s strong message to Tamia Louw

MaMkhize’s strong message to Tamia Louw

MaMkhize’s strong message to Tamia Louw

As the mother of the husband, she had to dish out some advice to the young family on how to keep their house strong! Be Respectful and Loyal, MaMkhize gives Tamia Louw strong marriage advice, as she welcomes her to the mansion.

Multimillionaire, television personality and Royal AM President Shauwn Mkhize (MaMkhize) is a happy and proud mother after receiving her daughter-in-law into the family. Shauwn’s son, twenty-year-old Andile Mpisane, tied a knot with model Tamia Louw in a glamourous private ceremony attended by close friends and family on Friday evening.

MaMkhize expressed her joy with a heartfelt message to her son and Tamia, her daughter in law. She emphasized the need to be respectful and loyal in marriage.

“My advice to you and the new Mrs AM @tamia_mpisane marriage is not easy; it’s something you work on daily. Even on the bad days, always choose one another. Respect each other and make sure that God remains at the centre of your union. ✨✨✨and having unconditional love, LOYALTY must be key.”

Shauwn wants her son to be a better father and husband as a divorcee herself. She married police officer Sbu Mpisane in 1991 and had a child together, Andile. When Shauwn met Sbu, he had his daughter Sbahle Mpisane who remained closer to her stepmother MaMkhize even after divorcing her father.

They were South Africa’s power couples, but things fell apart due to Sbu’s infidelity. Andile Mpisane, in a lengthy Instagram post, revealed that his father cheated on Shauwn Mkhize and fathered four children outside their wedlock despite being financially dependent on Shauwn. Andile vowed to be a better husband to Tamia and a present father to their kids, to Shauwn’ delight.

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