Makhadzi warned after xenophobic attacks on Zimbabweans

Makhadzi warned after xenophobic attacks on Zimbabweans

Makhadzi warned after xenophobic attacks on Zimbabweans

Mzansi star Makhadzi has been warned by Zimbabwean socialite Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg following xenophobic attacks on Zimbabweans in Alexandra.

The ruckus dubbed the Dudula Movement commenced on Monday where disgruntled South Africans embarked on a manhunt mission for all immigrants living in their country.

In a post shared on Instagram by Zimcelebs, Tatelicious commented on Makhadzi’s post where she wrote:

Please sing songs about #Stop Xenophobia your people are killing my people.

I don’t like it.

Do something Makhadzi, use that tongue of yours to compose a good song.

Makhadzi recently grabbed headlines for pushing one of her dancers off the stage for pouring water on fans.

This left social media abuzz with some fans calling for her arrest and some forcing her to publicly apologize , which she did.

The Dudula Movement has seen a couple people injured.

Allegedly, the South Africans are said to be hunting down foreign business owners who do not have proper operating documents and the angry mob has since forced them to close their businesses.

Concerning the Dudula Movement in Alexendra, some South Africans on social media are in support of the movement targeting Zimbabweans to be deported.

Here are some of the comments from Twitter:

What’s it that our government is gaining from foreigners, that makes them reluctant to intervene and deport foreigners. I support Operation Dudula-JoeMaake6

We call on the taxi industry to join the revolution, it cannot be that our people are harrased by these scumbags, enough is enough, we want our country back #OperationDudula #PutSouthAficansFirst-Ken_Moloi.

Zimbabweans are not smart n hardworking. They are just arrogant. 🤣😅-MR BLACKS

F*cken Foreigners ara now taking ownership of our country, Something must be done. Real Quick-Sydney Zwane.

In a bid to thwart the Dudula Movement, six people are confirmed to have been arrested by the police in Alexandra.

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