Makhadzi speaks on her controversial Beyonce-inspired costume

Makhadzi speaks on her controversial Beyonce-inspired costume

Makhadzi speaks on her controversial Beyonce-inspired costume

As the Queen of Bolobedu Music in the country, the leading musician and performer, Makhadzi has created such a brand that she sometimes is criticized when she goes AWOL for a performance.

However, this has not changed the impact she continues to have. Even her on-and-off again relationship that she has with Jerusalema hitmaker Master KG. However, recently she faced comical backlash when she attempted to be in a fashion bag.

As reported at the time:

…Singer and dancer Makhadzi lands herself in hot water again following failing dismally to pay homage to Beyonce. Makhadzi, who got the outfit inspiration from music legend Beyonce, admitted herself to have hit a miss to resemble the outfit.

Makhadzi has been dubbed to have mastered the art of social media following her recent post about her tour dates whilst subsequently trolling her own outfit. The outfit in itself was an attempt to resemble and pay homage to Beyonce’s Lion King gala dinner.

Makhadzi speaks on her controversial Beyonce-inspired costume

Before social media trolls commenced trolling Makhadzi, she beat them to their own game by making fun of her obvious ‘absurd’ and dismal failure to execute the almost similar replica of Beyonce’s outfit.

Seeing as Makhadzi had taken her fashion fail to heart and could see the lighter side of the matter. It was assumed she would let bygones be bygones. But Makhadzi has proved her tenacity again with her latest tweet.

Returning to Twitter recently, Makhadzi took to her timeline to make it clear that she has not given up on nailing her Beyonce-inspired faux pas of the past week. This comes as she took to Twitter and made it clear by writing that she has not given up and is looking for a new designer who is willing to take the risk with her to attempt to do it again.

Safe to say the comments were filled with tweeps and her fan base sharing their different views. Some responses were of pure shock and comedy as disbelief set in as to whether she was serious or not.

However, there were those that were helpful in the comments section as they suggested names of designers that they believed could fit the brief of achieving the type of look that Makhadzi was initially looking for.

As such, it seems that all the public and her fan base can do is wait to see whether or not Makhadzi could finally achieve her ambition to pay homage to Queen Bey.

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