Makhadzi opens up about being kicked out of her friend’s house

Makhadzi opens up about being kicked out of her friend’s house

Makhadzi opens up about being kicked out of her friend’s house

Limpopo star, Makhadzi celebrates rather an unusual anniversary of fifteen years after being kicked out from her friend’s house under false pretenses. The obviously heartbroken Makhadzi relays how she was ostracized and made to stand outside the house while the family had dinner.

Makhadzi has social media on standstill following her fifteen-year anniversary after she was kicked out of her friend’s house. It appears the singer and dancer still suffer from childhood trauma from following the experience she endured as a child.

“Today marks exactly 15 years I went to my friend’s house as they tell me to stay outside that they want to have family discussion not knowing they were eating” wrote Makhadzi

Some tweeps have since urged Makhadzi at her big age to either forgive the family that dealt her a bad one and to let bygones be bygones for once. Although childhood traumas most of the times lingers more than one can anticipate, evidently, the Limpopo born Makhadzi have not healed yet.

“15 yrs grudge for food? Inwi nwana. Let it rest.” wrote Duncan

“Sounds like you’ve been counting every year ” wrote Peche Africa

“So you still are holding on to the 15 years grudge. You can do better mara” wrote Moleboge Tefu

However, in the same token some tweeps have shared their stories similar to Makhadzi, as a sign to also sympathize with the awful experience.

“Sorry Makhadzi, they probably didn’t know that one day you will be famous and rubbing shoulders with the likes of me.” wrote Collen KM

“Ngeke oe dlula. 15 years?? Hawu igqubu futhi you got your revenge. You are now successful and rich. Dlula oe” wrote Angel

“my friends and I were talking about this just the other day. How we’d be playing at someone’s house then jikijiki they call her to come look for “fatuku” kante she was called to come eat” wrote Pulenyane

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